I have to know

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She woke up, breathing hard.

"It was a bad idea to try to sleep." She muttered.

The Zodiac walked downstairs, clutching the railing on the stairs tightly.

She made her way to the kitchen and fixed herself a nice, warm cup of coffee.

Sitting by the window, she sighed and watched as the rain poured outside.


Why must she get these strange dreams? These terrifying dreams? People say don't pay attention to nightmares. But...why did she feel like this nightmare wasn't a nightmare? Why did she feel like this was a vision of some sort?

She couldn't tell anyone. They would think she was strange, crazy.

She sighed.

"I have to do something about this, but what?"

She grabbed her laptop.

"psychologists, Melbourne, Australia." She mumbled as she typed.

A location came up that was apparently open until 23:00.

She scribbled a note to Gem.

Hey Gem

I can't explain but I had to go somewhere,  I'm fine though I'll be back soon

See you later

She ran back to her room.  She put on a tight,  slightly revealing tank top and a pair of denim shorts.  Like,  just in case she met someone an hour before midnight.

She was a little lonely, alright?

Alright,  she was really really lonely and searching for a man. 

Sighing,  she pulled into the parking lot for the psychologist.

"This better be worth it."

"Hello honey,  would you mind sitting in the waiting room?"  An elderly lady asked.

She walked over to the waiting rooms do sat in one of the chairs.  Bored,  she started looking around to see if anyone else was there.

Probably no one...well there was one boy.

He was tan and lean. He was wearing shades so she couldn't see his eye colour.  He wore a backwards baseball cap,  but from the hair she could see,  it was a dark blond.  She smiled slightly. 

Just a little.

He looked like Sagittarius.

"Hey miss,  do you need something?"  The boy asked in a heavy Australian accent.  Definitely not Sagittarius.

"Oh nothing.  You...you look like an old friend of mine."  She said sadly.

"Oh,  must be a coincidence."  The boy smiled.


Then a tall middle aged man walked in.


"That would be me sir.  Nice talking to you ma'am."  Sagittarius rushed past her,  but she wouldn't let it go.

"Excuse me,  sir,  I am his wife.  May I go in with you two?"  She smiled sweetly. 

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