Red Ribbons and Scarlet Fangs [0]

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This was a story I started in freshman year. I kind of stumbled upon it in my documents and decide to revamp it. This is just the preface and I already have the first chapter done. I'll post it tomorrow unless you want to read it today.

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She smiled to him, her mixed match eyes gazing up in a loving manner. The two have know each other since they where children, a bond that was much too strong to be broken on whim. It was their blessed chain, their blessed curse. He was first sent to kill her, yet as the years went by his heart molded with hers, their thoughts becoming one.

However, as they found themselves being torn by this bloody war, one could only predict a tragedy to be the result of this blissful fairy tale love. Her heart became tormented, churning in the waves of her indecisive decisions as her lover broke from the pressure of her condition. Being swept into the oncoming tides of life, the two reach out with hands filled with desperation.

If the two could have seen past their blind vanities, perhaps the ending would have been merciful.

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