Chapter 39

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I come back home, feeling uneasy about the entire event that took place in front of me. That guy who came up to me, no matter how polite he acted, was scary and his tone held a threat. I just hope that I'm overthinking things and that Xavier isn't in any danger or trouble. I pace around my room furiously, desperately waiting for Xavier to return. Xavier and mom, they are both scaring me like hell.

I wait all day for Xavier but he doesn't come. I check his room but his lights are switched off until late night. I've been calling him all day and he hasn't answered. He just texted me once in the afternoon,

'Sam I am fine. Just a bit busy. I'll call you later okay?'

His message was clear. Don't message me and don't pester me. So I didn't text him then. But that didn't ease the restlessness I felt for the remaining of the day.So I called dad instead.

"Dad, how's mom now?" I speak immediately after he picks up.

"There is not much improvement Sam." He says slowly and my breath hitches in stress and anxiety.

"Dad this is scaring me now. Why won't you let me come?" I say, my tone dragged in stress and helplessness.

"Sam your mother has been through worst right? But she fought and came back. Now we gotta give her some time. Please. The medication has changed here, so maybe the body's taking time to adjust. Its not anything bad." He reasons and I don't buy it. He is just making up stuff to get me off his back.

"Okay dad, as you say. Take care." I say lowly and hang up, overwhelmed by the stress of mom and Xavier. I clutch my head in my hands and sit on the bed.

Finally at 8.00 in the night, the bell rings and my heart soars. He is back finally! I rush to the door, almost running and open the door like I am starving for air. But I widen my eyes as I see who it is.

"Uncle Jase, Aunt Martha!" I say disappointed yet surprised. Aunt Martha gushes in and enfolds me in a hug and I hug her back, feeling sad that it wasn't Xavier. I then give a side hug to uncle Jase and he smiles affectionately at me.

"How are you sweetie?" Aunt Martha asks as they both walk in, uncle bringing their bags after him.

"I'm good. Its a great surprise seeing you guys here." I say as we all sit on the sofa.

"Oh sweetie, we wanted to come long back after you father left for Texas with Andrea but Jase's work held us back." Aunt Martha says, a bit guilty and I shake my head at her.

"Its okay Aunt Martha. You guys are here now and that's all that matters." I say and they both smile at me. We talk for a while and then they move to freshen up. They lodge in the room next to mom's which is almost empty except two cupboards and some boxes. They tell me that have got dinner already and I'm grateful for that. Thankfully I won't have to make anything today. After settling them in the room, I make an excuse and go anxiously to the place I have wanted to ever since I saw my uncle and aunt instead of Xavier at my door. I ring the bell twice and wait for the door to be opened.

"Oh hey Samantha." Della says a bit surprised as she looks at me.

"Hello Della, I am sorry to disturb at this hour but I just wanted to know if Xavier is in there. I kinda wanted to talk to him."

"Oh sorry dear but he is staying the night at a friend's."

"Oh um okay. Thanks Della." I say politely and she replies with a no problem. As I walk the driveway to my house, I can't help but feel offended. He could have just left a message that he won't return the whole night. I sigh as I return and my mood doesn't lift up during dinner either. Not even when we eat my favorite chocolate cake mousse that uncle Jason specially got for me.

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