Pizza Delivery [Whouffle]

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Clara rang the doorbell, holding the pizza bag with the pizza box inside it in her hand, waiting patiently on the doorstep. Her old ex-boyfriend, John was her current customer she had to deliver to and although she didn't want to face him anymore, she had to as part of her job. Only a year later and she's still working this job and while he was using the money he got after his parent's death to get himself a house. She hasn't seen him since.

Key word, ex-boyfriend. It wasn't that she didn't love him. Hell, she missed him so much. However, it became to the point where both sides were so busy that they couldn't see each other much. John was the one who broke it off, leaving Clara in shambles. She however realized why, so she slowly understood.

In amidst her thoughts, the door flung open, to reveal John, he would be in his weird signature attire, a suit and bow tie, even if it wasn't an important event. But in this case, he hardly looked like what he was before. His floppy hair was now a mess and to match a black hoodie and matching sweats. He looked as if he hadn't slept in days, let alone ate anything either. He looked like a mess.

"How much...?" He asked in a sleepy tone, getting his wallet out.

"Ten dollars." She said and John sighed, pulling a ten out of his wallet. She handed him the pizza and said, "Enjoy your pizza... Chin." She added the nickname, unsure if she wanted to flirt or properly get his attention. Whichever it was, he was too sleepy to realize it. She sighed and walked away, getting into the car, unsure what she was hoping for.

It took him about a minute to process this, his mind was on other things until she said that. "C-Clara?!" He tried to call her name, but she was already in the car, driving away from him.


The following Tuesday (it was Friday the time she had delivered the first pizza), Clara found herself on his doorstep once more. He had called the pizza place at least ten times but every time it was her co-worker, Danny Pink who had delivered it. She wasn't sure if he had grew an addiction to pizza or whatever it was, but she shrugged. The more deliveries she made the better. She rang the doorbell and in a single second the door flung open, as if John was waiting for her.

John was still a mess but he looked happy to see her. His eyes lit up and he was smiling once more, like he was back then.

"Clara Oswald, please, don't go yet, I beg you." He said on his knees now, out of nowhere.

"Calm down chin." Clara said, chuckling at the sight of him on the floor, looking up at Clara as if he was a dog, begging for a treat.

"Please, Clara, I love you so much and I haven't stopped thinking about you. I made a stupid mistake of letting you go." He said, "For this entire year I've hoped that you, you short brunette girl with those beautiful dimples on your face would somehow come to this house, no matter how ridiculous the thought was."

"How did you find me though, might I ask?" Clara asked, curious. The pizza place wasn't exactly what you would call close to John. There were a couple of pizza places closer to John's, yet he had the chance to find the one she worked at.

"Amy, you remember her. Rory's sweetheart? She continues to visit. I don't know how she gets into my house, but I've stopped trying to figure it out. She left the number to the pizza place, telling me to call it and order a pizza. I did and look where it got me."

"I grab a cup of coffee with her sometimes, she talks about you a lot, trying to persuade me to come back to you. I guess she made me come to you." Clara laughed at the thought of John moping and Amy trying to make him feel better with different solutions. John watched her laugh, remembering the sweet sound in his head and smiled softly. It got silent after awhile, both of them staring at each other, his eyes meeting hers.

They felt attracted again. That cliché spark lighting up once more, they felt like nobody else was there in the world but them. John got up and Clara dropped the pizza box and kissed passionately, his hands reaching the small of her back and her arms wrapping around his neck to close the distance more.

They let go from what seemed to be an eternity, their need for air getting the best of them.

"So... Back together?" John asked, a awkward smile on his face and Clara laughed again.

"First of all, down boy, not so fast." John pouted, "Second of all, you need to take me on a date. And lastly, you need to pay for the pizza." She said, pointing at the pizza bag that was now on the floor, possibly ruining the pizza.

"Whatever you say boss." He chuckled, "Whatever you say."


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