chapter 10 : Meg's sister

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"This pop isn't working Benny. I'm baking like a toasted cheeser, its so hot here!" Ham complained.

"Its 150 degrees out there, you can't play baseball. You have to call it for today." Squints demanded with everyone including I begging to call it off.

"Vote then. Anybody who wants to be a can't hacket, panty waist, who wears their momma's bra -- raise your hand." Benny said.

Everyone raised their hand, even me.

"Fine, fine, fine! Be like that, so what are we going to do?"

Yeah-yeah began to laugh like a total idiot when benny finished his sentence. I eyed everyone one the bleachers, I was sitting on the far end right next to Rachel, and next to her was Santana.

"To the pool honey's!" Everyone yelled at once.

Rachel and Santana rolled their eyes, I sat there in confusion. "Pool honey's?" I asked.

"It's a pool full of moms in bathing suits, but every boy in town goes there because of the life guard, Wendy Peffercorn." Santana said along with another eye roll.

"Well I have better things to do." Rachel said getting up. She looked at me and then Santana. "Coming?"

"Yeah, are you coming Megan?" Santana asked.

I looked between the two girls in front of me then at the group of boys.

"Actually, my mom wants me home early today." I said getting up and stuffing my hands into my jean pocket.

"Why?" Benny asked.

"She wants me home because my sister is coming and she wants to go shopping for my birthday."

"Woah, you didn't tell us that your birthday is coming up, especially me, I'm your best friend." Rachel said, she stopped me from leaving to explain myself.

"My birthday is just another day, except I'm getting older and dying a bit faster." I said bluntly.

Everyone stared at me with a shocked yet bizarre look, like I just took the fun out of birthday. Ever since my dad left my whole perspective on life changed, and I'm just being honest.

"Wow, I'm never looking at birthdays the same again." Ham said depressed.

"Well, I'm gonna go."

I turned around with my arms crossed, the heat is getting to me, I'm getting angry for no reason. I left the sandlot and came home with a horrible present waiting for me on the sofa-- my sister.

We stare at each other with blank stares, I haven't seen her since my last birthday, which is starting to feel like yesterday

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We stare at each other with blank stares, I haven't seen her since my last birthday, which is starting to feel like yesterday. I knew she was coming, but not this early, she should've gave me time to run away. I already know that she is going to turn my birthday into a living hell, again. Last year she dropped the cake, broke my presents, and made fun of my friends. She sat on the couch with a sly grin on her face, it freaked me out. My mom came into the room with the widest smile, I can tell she wanted us to be together.

"Megan your home earlier than I expected." Mom beamed.

"Yeah, they are going to the pool, I didn't wanna."

"Wanna go shopping now?" Mom asked looking back to my sister Romona, and back to me.

Romona and I shrugged our shoulders. My mom slung her purse over her shoulder and began to head out the door. Romona followed after her and I was last out the house. I walked a couple of steps out of my house and I see a group of boys staring at me and two girls.

I run up to them, "what are you doing here?"

"The boys are going to their houses to drop off their baseball bats and gloves, we're going to the cinema." Rachel said eyeing something behind me.

Already knowing what she's looking at a shut my eyes. I feel a thin arm go around the back of my neck and onto my shoulder.

"I'm guessing you're Megan's friends." Romona said fake-ly.

"Yeah, I'm Santana and this is Rachel." Santana said pointing to Rachel.

"How about the boys?"

"Romona, mind your business." I snarl.

She removes her arm from my shoulder and puts her hand up as if she's defenseless. "Sorry sis, mom told me to be nice and try to connect, but I see how it is." She said with an evil smile. She backed away from us and headed into the car.

"I didn't know you had a sister!" Squints yelled.

"Ugh, I love her because she's my sister but I hate her." I say pulling my hair. She drives me insane.

"How come you didn't tell us about her or about your birthday?" Rachel asked sounding hurt.

"Maybe Meg isn't what she says she is." Ham said crossing his arms.

The boys crossed there arms except Scotty and Benny. I rolled my eyes and answered Rachel. "One: Romona lives in Pennsylvania still, so I thought she wasn't important to bring up. Two: my birthday isn't important to me, and I'm sorry that your so offended."

"Meg sweetie, its time to go come on." Mom said opening the car door for me.

I hopped in the car, and then the car drove into a day of disasters thanks to Romona.

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