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Chapter 43: Ground Zero

Author's Note:

So I wrote this chapter right after I recovered from my sickness--because I never want to disappoint you, guys and being sick was enough. I didn't want to share the bad perks of having it. Haha! And urinary tract infection and blood infection are bitches! They just ruined my "Having A Coke With You" moments. Before I rant about every nonsensical things in my mind, I want to thank all those people who wished me well! I got tons of "Get Well Soons" here and I really appreciate that. And for all the prayers, they're just so powerful! Thank God I'm okay now.

(Editor: You guys, you have no idea how nonsensical Siel was when she was sick. I literally wanted to just smack her upside in the head!)

And guys, pray for our country, too. Ngayon ko lang na-realize how selfish I was when I was down with sickness. I was like, 'This is horrible... I feel terrible... Oh no! I don't wanna see a doctor (unless he is handsome)... Oh God, it's blood... I'll faint! No, I think I'll die...' So while I was being like that with myself, some people are suffering because of the recent typhoon we had and the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake our country had experienced. Imagine kung gaano kababaw yung worries ko compared sa iba. So I'm praying now for them. I'm praying for all of us. Wherever you are right now, know that I'm thinking of your safety so be freaking safe always. Whoever you are reading this, I'm sincerely praying for you.. Well, gangsters are good prayer warriors, too, right?

So there! It's already long. Enjoy this one!

Soundtrack: Come Home by One Republic ft. Sara Bareilles

Getting better and praying,

Siel Alstreim

I mentally murdered myself. I punched this sweet little mouth of mine, knocked myself out and buried my own unconscious body under the cold ground where all the creepy worms would definitely infest me. Oh, God! Tell me he didn't hear that!

Subalit sobrang tahimik ng lahat at wala man lang nagtatangkang magsalita. Pinalipat-lipat lang nila ang kanilang mga paningin sa aming dalawa ni Van. Jeez, akala ko nung pumasok ako sa Arturia, sobrang talino ko na. How could I be so stupid?

"Should I be with you then?" Sarkastikong balik-tanong ni Van. And so my stupid question backfired on me like a ricochet. For a moment, I was tempted to say, 'Yes! You should be with me!' pero ayokong dagdagan ang katangahan ko.

"You are risking everything! Hindi kita dinala rito para makipagflirt sa Student Council President. You are here because--"

"I know, Leondale. I'm here because you f*cking need a bait for your f*cking stupid plans and I'm the chosen f*cking one that fits that job perfectly!" Putol niya sa sinasabi ko. What's with the cussing! I glared at him, he gave me his deadly glare, too. Jeez. Ako na yata ang pinakawalang kwetang kidnapper sa kasaysayan. I should have tied him up on a chair. I was his kidnapper and he was the victim. But couldn't he just act like one?

Naramdaman ko ang paghawak ng kamay sa braso ko kung kaya't naputol ang masamang pagtitinginan namin ni Van Freniere. Si Jin ang nalingunan ko and I suddenly felt guilty. Nakalimutan ko ang mga tao sa paligid ko. Nakalimutan ko ang sitwasyon. Why do I always get lost in those dark eyes? I almost forgot everything! Ngayon ko lang napansin na kaunti lang ang mga nadagdag na estudyante sa cafeteria mula nang iwan ko ito kaninang umaga. The whole student council wasn't here, as well as more than half of the students of Montello High. Mukhang hindi lalagpas sa singkwenta ang mga narito kabilang na ang mga namamahala sa cafeteria. Everyone looked weary and scared.

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