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Picture : SCHA (Dakota Fannings)

Chapter 1

 Erischa opened her email folder. There was one message. It was a simple message that read, "Hi Scha, how are you doing? How was your day?"

She smiled, as she read it because it was from a guy she met while browsing on the internet. She was impressed with his essays and poems and commented on his writing. Over time they developed camaraderie. After a while, he decided to give his e-mail address to her. So that she would be able to read and comments on his work in advance before posting onto the site. They started exchanging e-mail nearly every day. During the first few days, they discussed his work and later on they started to talk about casual things.

Scha had told him her full name but he wished to remain anonymous and preferred if she could just call him friend. So she never forced the mysterious stranger to reveal his name or anything else about him. It wouldn't have made any difference anyway if she persisted because he never gave her serious answers. One day he would claim that he was twenty years old and the next day he would declare that he was 104 years old.

 "Hi, friend, I’m doing well. My day was a wonderful one. What have you been doing? "She replied.

 A few minutes later, he responded. His email said; "I’m fine. Just finished writing a poem. Love to know what you think?"

Scha immediately downloaded the attachment, and began to read his poem.

Smile On”

Smiling you were and raining it was

In the month of June everywhere

Beyond the horizon and the unseen fences Those carmine lips and that child-like giggle

Inscribed upon my heart, forever

With a pen of tickling tulip and feathery caress A musical note and a loving touch, a kissA fairy tale in the fairy land

A love story of an angel and her heavenly tenderness This left no feeling of the world around me

Yet the feeling of bliss remainsI have no power over my mind or soul

Only a beautiful sense of losing control on all of my senses. 

I hope and I wish to feel the excitement of the soilWet, yet fragrant of the rain, falling yet alive, on every dawn

Show me your image and everyday for a little while, I will walk the cloudsAbstract yet happy, of the rainbow, broken yet colorful.

Let me see the same picture drawn Of those pressing lips and that affectionate kiss.

Let me always sense that touch,

Feel the absence, the null of all senses gone Sing me the songs of laughter

Sounding like the chirping birds sometimes

And like the tinkling chimes at other times

Make my world and me smile on and on and on

 (A/N: this poem was actually written by my friend Harshal)

She read the poem and was amazed with it as usual, "Wow, that was a wonderful one," she commented. "I’m falling in love," she typed while smiling dreamily. "Where do you get all the ideas to write such a beautiful thing?" she asked.

 "Well, from looking at my surrounding and by talking to you," he responded. "Even though I can’t see your face I could tell that you have been smiling all the time, especially when you received an e-mail from me."

Scha chuckled and thought to herself, as if he could see her, "How do know I was smiling when I received you e-mail?" She teased, "I might be scowling at this moment."

"Ha, ha," he replied, "if you’re scowling whenever you received my mail, you would have ignored my e-mails whenever you saw my name there. Just admit it, you look forward for it."

She twisted her lips reading his response, "God, are you a psychic or something???" she teased.

Seconds later he responded again, "Hmm, maybe I am," he said, adding a smiley icon at the end.

She laughed and they continued e-mailing each other discussing his new poem. Once in a while they would joke and tease each other. They had been e-mailing for hours when Scha finally realized the time was 3.00 am. She knew she had to get some sleep now or she would be grumpy in the morning.

"Ok, my friend, I have to go and have my beauty sleep. Good night to you, and we’ll catch up again," she told him and yawned. She didn’t immediately log out because she knew he would reply.

Seconds later she discovered she was right. He responded, "well, sleep tight my friend. I’ll dream of you. Night, Night," and attached a smiley giving her a waving kiss. 

She smiled and gave a waving kiss at the computer, “Night, night my friend,” she whispered as if he could hear her and finally logged out and turned off her computer, slumped into a sweet dream dreaming of a stranger whom she just called “Friend.”

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