Racial Harmony

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As a multi-nation state, racial harmony is an inseparable part of Singaporean life. Here, there are four main people groups – the Chinese, the Malays, the Indians, and the Eurasians – living harmoniously.

We treasure this racial harmony among our diversity deeply as a devastating racial riot back in 1954 between the Europeans and the Malays. Then, Singapore was still a British colony. The riot was sparked mainly because of ethnic and religious tensions regarding the custody of Maria Hertogh.

After joining Malaysia, another racial riot took place on 21 July 1964 between the Chinese and the Malays during a religious procession to celebrate Prophet Muhammad's birthday. Thus, a curfew was imposed. This riot also indirectly led to the expulsion of Singapore from Malaysia and Singapore's independence.

In order to commemorate the day of the 1964 racial riot, 21 July was marked as Racial Harmony Day when we embrace and respect each other's cultures.

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