I Took A Few Minutes And Looked At Tay. Although She Was In This Comma Of Hers She Was Still Full Of Life And At The Same Time... Beautiful.

My Daydreaming Was Interrupted With The Vibration Of Phone...

I Pulled It Out And Looked At It And Seen It Was Tion. I Got Up And Walked To The Corner Of The Room And Answered It.

"Wassup T" I Said.

"Sorry To Bother You But Can You Please Pick Up Tiona For Me Please" She Asked.

I Don't Even Know Why Would Think It Would Be A Bother.

"Now Tion You Know Its No Brother To Me.. Especially To Help You. I Got You Ma Just Tell Me The Time" I Told Her.

"6:30 But You Can Just Sign Her Out" She Said.

"Ight No Problem" I Told Her.

I Looked And There Stood Chloe.

"Surprise Your Still Here" She Said.

"Yeah Well I Was Just About To Leave" I Told Chloe As I Got Up. "Its Almost 6.." I Said Looking At My Watch. "I Gotta Go Get Sassy And King From Their After School Program" I Added.


"Daddy When Can I Go To Ballet?" Genesis Asked Me As She Tried To Get Into The Front Seat Of The Car.

"Soon" I Said As I Walked Up Behind Them.

"Daddy Open The Door Please" Genesis Said As She Yanked At The Doors Of My Escalade Cadillac.

"Genesis You Know Better" I Said As I Walked To The Car.

"Come On Daddy... Just One Time" Genesis Said As She Continued To Pull On My Handle.

"Genesis You Break It You Paying For It" I Told Her.

"I Have No Money Daddy" She Said With Both Of Her Hands Up.

"I Know That" I Told Her As I Opened Up The Door And Got Her Situated In Her Car Seat.

"Daddy I'm To Big For This Chair" King Said As He Tried Belting His Self In.

"In 2 Years Or So.. We'll See" I Said To King As I Helped Him Buckle Up. "But King Until Then.. This Chair Here.. Is Yours" I Said.

"Daddy Did You Have To Sit In A Baby Chair?" King Asked Me.

"Ofcourse I Did" I Told Him. "Now Next Stop... Tiona" I Said Pulling Out The Schools Driveway.


"Daddy I'm Hungry" Genesis Said As I Pulled Up To TiTi's School.

"Alright" I Said As Turned the Engine Off And Got Out. "After We Get TiTi.. We'll Go And Get Something" I Told Genesis As I Unbuckled King.

"McDonalds?" Genesis Asked.

"King You Want McDonalds?" I Asked King Who Stood Beside Me As I Unbuckled Genesis.

"Can We?" He Asked.

"Yeah... Whatever Yall Want" I Said Taking Genesis Out Of Her Chair.

Well Here's The Deal. Im Not A Fast Food Person Unless I Really Need It. The Kids On The Other Hand Instead Of Feeding Them Fast Food I Myself Or Kevvie Or My Mom & Grandma Cooks.

"Yes Please" King Said As We All Walked Up To The School.

We Entered The School And Went To The Office.

"Schools Out" The Lady At The Front Desk Said To Me As She Typed Away On Her Computer. "Come Back In The Morning And We'll Sign Them Up" She Said.

"Well I'm Here To Pick Up.." I Started To Say But She Interrupted Me.

"Look I Don't Even Work Here... I'm Just...." She Started To Say As She Lift Her Head. "Damn" Was The Only Word That Escaped Her Lips As She Stared Up At Me.

Now If I Wasn't Fathering Two Kids At The Moment I Would've Probably Checked Home Girl Out. But Too Bad She Wasn't Of Age. She Was Only In Highschool And She Definently Wasnt A Senior But From Where I Was Standing I Must Say She Could Play The Part Cause She Looked Half The Part...

Too Bad I'm A Grown Ass Man.

"Good Afternoon" I Said With A Friendly Smile.

"Hello" She Said Returning The Smile. "I Mean Good Afternoon To You To" She Said.

"I'm Here To Pick Up Tiona Davis" I Told Her..

"Are You In Someway Related To Teddy Davis?" She Asked.

"Cousin" I Said.

"Mhmm" She Said.

"Can I Just Sign Her Out And Go Get Her?" I Asked.

Honestly I Felt How Woman Feel When Men Feast Their Eyes On Them. Look At Me Here Being Looked Down By A Teenager.

"Yeah.. Yeah..." She Said Finally Taking Her Eyes Off Me. "Umm Here You Go" She Said Handing Me The Clipboard.

I Signed For TiTi And Then Made My Way Out.

When I Finally Made It To TiTi's Music Class I Knocked And Waited To Be Invited In. When I Went In There Were A Couple Of Kids On Some Instruments... Some Chatting... I Then Entered With Genesis And King With Me.

"Hello... Im Mr. Crawning And You Are?" The Slim Man Who I Presume To Be The Instructor Said As He Walked Up To Me.

"Gemini And Im Here For Tiona" I Told Him.

"Going Home?" He Asked Me.

"Yeah" I Said.

"TIONA!" He Called.

"Yess" I Heard Tiona Say As She Came From The Room Labeled Piano.

Tiona Loves Piano And She Plans On Being A Famous Piano When She Grows Up. By The Way...

"Cousin Gem" She Said As She Ran Up And Hugged Me. "King... Ty..." She Said As She Hugged Ty And King.

"Am I Leaving?" She Asked Me.

"Yeah Get Your Stuff" I Told Her.


"Daddy Why TiTi Not In A Baby Chair?" Genesis Asked Me As She Took A Bite Out Of Her Chicken Nugget.

"Because I'm Not A Baby" TiTi Told Her.

"Yes You Are" King Told Her. "We All Are" He Added As He Stuck A Handfull Of Fries Into His Mouth.

"No We're Not" I Said.

"Daddy's Your A Big Giant Baby" Genesis Said As She, TiTi And King Began Giggling.

"Haha Funny" I Told Genesis And I Drove To Tions House.

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