Chapter 43

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Two Days Later...

(Chloe POV)

During My Rounds On My First Day I Was Surprised By My Visitor... Well Tays Visitor.

I Walked Up And Stood Behind Gem But On The Side Enough For Atlease 10 Minutes... Just Observing Him As He Silently Starred Down At Tay...

"Stare Any Harder I'm Afraid You'll Burn Holes In Her" I Said To Him As I Walked Up Beside Him.

"Didn't Notice You There" He Said.

"Of Course You Didnt... You Were Busy Mesmerizing" I Told Him.

"Was Not" He Said.

"If You Say So" I Said. "What Are You Doing Here Anyways?" I Asked.

"Came To See.... What's The Point" He Said. "Honestly I Came To You Know... Talk To Her" He Hesitantly Said.

"About?" I Asked To Get Under His Skin.

"Just The Kids... I Thought Since You Said She Can Hear Maybe She'll Want To Know About Ty And King" He Said.

All This Time My Brother Was Speaking To Me Not Once Did He Take His Eyes Off Of Tay. I Kind Was Loving This Cause This Was A Good Sign...

"Well.. I'll Leave You To You Know... Talk About The Kids" I Said As I Left.

(Gemini POV)

I Don't Know How I Found Myself Up In The Hospital But I'm Here... Here In Tays Room Just Looking Down At Her... I Never Imagined Her Being In This Position..

I Didn't Know What To Say. So I Just Started With..."The Kids Are Doing Fine" As I Sat Down Beside Her Bed On This Chair.

"Genesis And King Misses You... You Know"

"There Always Asking For You. But I Just Tell Them The Truth... But With A Little Kiddie Twist" I Said As I Chuckled To Myself.

I Told Genesis And King Their Mom Was Taking A Nap Dreaming About The Future... Hey. I Can't Come Out And Tell 4 year Olds... "Hey Say Your Moms In A Coma".

"Ty Going To Do Ballet... Well Kiddie Ballet..."

"The Age Range Starts At 5 But Since Gen Is Turning 5 In Like 2 Weeks I Manage To Get Her Into The Class"

"I Know What Your Probably Thinking... Well Yeah It Is Run By A Woman And Yes My Charms Worked And So Did Gens Own... Cuteness Works Sometimes"

"And King... Well King Wants To Take Karate Classes... And No This Time It Was Man So I Had To Use My Words"

For What Seem Like Hours I Think You Can Can Me Crazy But I Sat Here For Like Hours Basically Talking To Myself.. What Is Wrong With Me?

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