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Another month flew by Mingyu and he didn't know what Wonwoo looked like in the present. He debated for a couple of days whether or not he should go see him, and after another guilty encounter with Seokmin, he decided it would be for the best if he at least gave him a greeting.

When Mingyu first stepped in, Wonwoo didn't notice him, too engrossed in a book that sat in his lap.

Mingyu's heart constricted at the sight of him, he looked like he did when Mingyu had first met him. Wonwoo looked serene, eyes holding a sense of mystery behind them and his hair forever tousled on top of his head. He flipped a page, adjusting his glasses in the same way Mingyu had memorized.

He looked good, Mingyu admitted. Maybe he was getting better, he couldn't be sure.

Mingyu cleared his throat to alert Wonwoo that he was there, and the older looked up, glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose.

He did look better than he did before, but something about the way Wonwoo looked at Mingyu made him feel unsettled. Something was missing, this image wasn't right. He had seen this so many times in the first months they had known each other. He would come in, but Wonwoo would have this glint in his eyes that told Mingyu he was saying something. Now, he couldn't find that anywhere.

"Hi," Mingyu said in a casual tone, walking over to sit in the chair next to Wonwoo's bed.

"Hi to you too," Wonwoo replied. Mingyu realized that his voice was different too.

After a second of silence, Wonwoo turned his head back to his book, eyes skimming over words as he flipped a page. Mingyu recalled times when he would sit, just like he was then, and watch as Wonwoo would work. Then, Wonwoo would look up at him, kick him or punch him and tell him to leave him alone before he would smile and go back to work.

Wonwoo didn't look up at him, or kick him or punch him or smile. He just read.

Mingyu looked out the window, seeing the scenery he knew by heart. He pinpointed plants and trees and objects he had never seen before. He found their rock easily, snow piled around the bottom of it, hiding whatever might bloom there in the spring.

Mingyu realized that he had stopped looking out for the garden ever since Wonwoo relapsed, and he didn't even know if things still looked the same. In the snow, he could note no big changes, but he did find that the apple tree had grown larger. Everything else was hidden, blanketed in a thin layer of cold, white dust. A breeze flew by, disturbing the stillness of the scenery and Mingyu felt that he missed the garden.

Maybe he could visit it once the snow melted; maybe he could visit it with Wonwoo if he was feeling good enough. He wasn't sure, at that point, if Wonwoo would even agree to it anymore.

Mingyu thought about Wonwoo, and concluded that the latter seemed to be doing good. Mingyu was afraid of how Wonwoo was holding up ever since Mingyu had basically left him, but the older seemed to be just fine. Mingyu thought that they were both doing pretty good.

He turned back, thinking that he should make polite conversation but stopped short when he saw that Wonwoo's glasses were stained with tears, and the pages of the book were wet. A shiver ran down Mingyu's spine as he took in the scene before him.

Wonwoo looked tragically beautiful and Mingyu started longing for something.

Mingyu reached out for him but pulled his hand back before he could get there. "Hey, Wonwoo, are you okay?"

He was becoming nervous, was he hurt? What was wrong with him, now? He had no clue about his current situation.

Wonwoo nodded silently before he sniffed. "Sad scene... You know me."

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