PART 1: ch.1

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It's 10 pm and I'm walking home. I stayed at my best friend Santana's house for to long. I was walking and saw a black Toyota Camry pulled up next to this guy. He gets in the car and I just keep walking. Then I hear a muffled scream and the guy is trying to get out of the car. I run over and slap the person in the car. He winces in pain and drives away. Leaving me standing next to this tall guy. He's wearing a gray hoodie with a white V-neck and black sweatpants with blue and orange sneakers. He had hot pink lips and a stubble. His he has messy dark brown hair. He has pretty hazel eyes.
"Thanks" he says and then starts walking. I run after him. I tap his arm and he jumps.
"Are you okay" I ask him.
"Yeah" he say quietly. It's gets quiet and he pulls out a cigarette. He puts it in his mouth and starts smoking it. I just stare at him. He notices.
"What, you want to try it" he asks me.
"Sure" I was a little hesitant at first. Then I started coughing. He chuckles.
"I'm never doing that again that was gross".
"You did it".
"You offered".
Then it gets quiet again.
"What's your name" I ask breaking the silence.
"who wants to know" he asks worried.
"Well, me".
"Ok, I'm Finn Hudson" he sighs of relief.
"Hi, I'm Rachel Berry".
"Where are you going"?
"What does that mean"?
"It's means it don't know".
"Are you homeless-" he interrupts me
"No" he says.
"Lima heights adjacent" he says kind of embarrassed.
"My best friend lives there".
"Cool" he seems less embarrassed.
"Are you in high school" I ask. "No" he says .
"I turn 17 in 4 more months". How old are you"?
"16 about to turn 17 in a month".
"How are you not in school".
Tears fill his eye and he looks down. A tear falls down on his shirt.
"What's wrong"?
"Nothing" he looks back up.
A green Honda pulls up. He looks sad now.
"just, please go home, it's not safe out here".
He throws the cigarette down and steps on it. He gets in the car and It just sits there. That's a little strange. When I mentioned school he got sad and when that car pulled up he started acting strange. He seemed kind of scared. I think he's new here cuz, I walk this way home everyday and I've never seen him.
Finn's P.O.V.
I was sitting in the car next to a guy that I've seen an extreme amount of times.
"Was that your little girlfriend" the guy asks.
"No" I say a little sad.
"You know you'll never be with her. Your just a washed up piece of shit. No one will ever love you".
"Can we just get this over with".
He gives me my money and kisses me.
(You know what happens next).
Rachel's P.O.V.
I walk to my house and my dads looked so worried. But like seriously, there the ones that won't let me have a car. I have my license but they think I might end up in a wreck. They were so happy that I was home. I run upstairs take a shower and go to sleep.

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