The Plan Of The Enemies

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"Radi! What happened!?" I asked as I shake him.

He slowly opened his eyes and said, "enemies . . ."

The enemies of the royal family attacked Radi. What am I going to do with him? I helped him to sat in the bed and I made him lie down on the bed. I quickly went of get the fast aid kit and went near Radi. I thought of phoning the doctor but if the enemies find out about where Radi is then they will be a tons of problems. So, I thought of doing the bandages of his wounds. I took out some bangedages and wrapped his arms with it. I poured a glass of water and made him drink. "Is it hurting?" I asked.

"Kind off . . ." He said. "I got a cut on my chest . . ."

"What?" I asked as I quickly started to unbuttoned his shirt. I opened his shirt finding him having a few scratches on his abs and chest. Radi did got attacked before. I felt sorry for him as I slowly wrapped the bandages around his chest. I could feel him pulling me on his lap for me to have a better height of bandaging him. I blushed a bit as I bandaged his chest. I paced my hand on his chin and asked, "You okay? "

Radi leaned on the bed stand and said, "Yeah."

"You should take some rest," I said as I made him lie down on the bed and he lied down on a side and put a blanket on him.

Since we came here, he didn't eat anything so I should cook something. But what? He didn't even got any food but it is good that he is okay. Seams like I have to order some food, I thought as I took the room service phone and ordered some food.

After a couple of minutes, the room servicer arrived to our room and that was filled with the food that I ordered. I took the food and closed the door and went to the bed room and saw Radi disguise, sleeping.

I heard Mimi crying. So, I went near her and too care of her.

After a couple of hours . . .

I heard some notices coming out from the washroom as I woke up from a nap. I was taking care of Mimi and after she fell asleep sleep. I went to the bed room and sat on the coach to see if he needs anything but I thinking I kind of fell asleep. I yawned and took a peck in the washroom to see is everything alright. I saw Radi was trying to wear his shirt. His hair was wet. He probably took a small shower. Since he had bandages on his hand, it was hard for him to wear the shirt.

Should I help him? I thought but blushed as I could feel butterflies in my stomach. He looks so sexy like that.

"Avery," I heard Radi said.

"Yes?" I said from the outside of the washroom.

"Can't you help me to wear the shirt," he asked.

"Sure," I went near him and slowly put the shirt on him and started to buttoning his shirt buttons.

"I feel like we are a married couple," he suddenly said.

"What?!" I yelled as I smaked him.

"Ouch! You shouldn't hit a sick man," he complained.

I looked at his wounds and kind of felt sad. "Sorry, I will try to fix my violence habit." I could feel my eyes become watery as I saw how much wounds he had. Why is he pain affecting me so much? How could people be so cruel to hurt somebody like that.

"Hey," he said as he held my hands. I was looking down. Obviously, I don't want him to see me crying. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong," I said as I was going to go to the living room but felt Radi pulling my hand which made me fall on his chest.

Radi held may a chin towards him and said, "Why are you crying?"

"No reason," I said.

"Come on, it's okay to cry," he said.

"How could people be so cruel? They hurt you so much! I never thought that people can hurt somebody this much," I burst into crying.

Radi pulled me in a hug. "Shhh! I am okay, you know?" He said as he patted my head.

"No, you are not okay. Lier," I cried. "How did his happen?"

"I got a business meeting and since the business in near to this city, I thought of attending it. I changed into my actual male outfit and went to attend the business meeting. While I was coming home, somebody attack my car. We had a fight and we got hurt," he said.

I cried. He said it as if it is normal to fight like that and get hurt. Doesn't he ever care about himself?

"Can you stopped crying?" He asked slowly.

I slowly stopped crying as I pulled him on the kitchen. I made him sat on the chair as I took out the food and serve it to him.

"You are not eating?" He asked.

"I already ate," I lied. I couldn't possibly feel like eating after hearing how he got hurt. I wanted to lock myself in a room and cry for a bit. I don't know why I felt that bad when he got hurt. I never feel this much sad when I get cut.

Radi slowly started to eat as I went near Mimi and started to prepare her milk.

The next morning . . .

We started talking practice our play. We got our costume. My costume was a a big purple gown and Radi's costume was a brown shirt. Our costumes looked like medival time costumes.

Slowly the days went by. It was our play performance day, today. I was practice the script as I got kind of hungry. I went downstairs when I heard some people talking about something.

"We will target the ball glass. There will be a mirror on the ball of Romeo and Juliet's play. We will shoot over there and the glass will collapse. Romeo and Juliet will be dancing near the glass and most likely Romeo will get hurt which is our Prince, our enemy, our target," I heard a man said.

I looked more closely finding another person saying, "then the prince will be murdered and we will took over the royal palace since they don't have anymore any male heir."

I was shocked. He enemies already found out that Radi is hiding here? Oh goodness! And not only that, they are planning to murder him in the play? No! I have to save him no matter what! I thought as a plan popped out in my mind. I would need big brother and Olivia help but I am going to save Radi. But who are these people. Since the place didn't had a lots of,lights, I couldn't see the enemies but it was a male and female voice. Who are these people and why are they want to take over the kingship so much?

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