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Beware! This book has a lot of POV changing so look out carefully

♡Jennifer Garcia-Collins♡

*jennifer outfit*

"wake up."

 I rolled over in my bed and hit my alarm. I closed my eyes. "Five more minutes."

"Jenni, get up! You're going to be late!" Someone reluctantly shaked me.

"Arggfffhhh! leave me alone" I said as I pushed the pillow over cover over my face.

I felt the bed raise and the door open, but never closed. I sighed and went right back to my dream of unicorns and rainbows. hint the sarcasm. But not long before, I shot my eyes open to the sound of splashing, coming closer into my room. I felt the blanket get thrown off me and water splashed on me.

I shreaked by how cold the water is. I looked to see who threw water on me and saw my brother, Jack and his best friend, Justin smirking, but Justin's smirk was deeper. I look down and noticed I was only in my bra and underwear.

And it seems like my brother noticed to because he grabbed the blanket out of Justin hand and threw it at me.

"I warned you the first time. Now get your ass up and get ready." And with that he left the room, but Justin seem to straddle around.

I looked at him as he just stared at me rubbing the back of his neck. "Justy," I called him by his childhood nickname. "are you scared of me or something?"

"No. Why?""

"Well, lately we barely talk anymore. And we just stare at each other. And-" I paused. "nothing. You wanna sit beside me?"

He nodded his heads and sat beside me in my bed. I smiled at him as he wrapped his arm around me. I felt the blood rushed to my cheeks as my cheeks had a small shade of pink.

"Hey JJ, I think you should get ready for school, you know before Mr. Cranky- pants come kills you."

"Really? You just came up with that name!" I said laughing as he nodded his head laughing with me." Whatever. Get out for a minute. I don't want you eye raping me with your pervertish self"

I looked at him and saw a smirk planted in his face. "Okay! By the way I have a surprise for you today!"

"Okay! Now get out!"

he walked to the door and mumbled something that I couldn't here.


I took a shower and braided my wet hair in two braids. I put on my black and white pattern shirt and high- black shirt. I slipped on my black and white converse and jeans jacket. I put on little mascara and red lipstick.

"Hurry up little J" Justin said banging on my door.

"Come in you ass"

My door swung open. "Hey! I'm not an a-..."

"Speechless. Huh?" I spun around throwing my hands on my hips.

"Wow y-you look beautiful"

"Shut up. No I don't. Come on let's go." I grabbed his hand and entwined it with mines. I looked at him and saw his cheeks had a slight pink color to it.

"Awe look at bad boy blushing. Her looks so cute." I kissed his cheek which caused his cheeks to get pinker

"Shut up. I'm irresistible and you know that because you want me." With a smirk planted in his face.

"Nope. I don't want you and never will. You can keep your sluts and stuff." And with that I let go of his hand and ran down the stairs.


"Hey bitch" I heard someone said as I slammed my locker.

I turned around to see my Bestfriend Michelle standing there in a white dress with black belt and black leggings with black pump boots. I looked at her hair which she died a new color: peach-red.

 I looked at her hair which she died a new color: peach-red

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"Hey bad-ass. Love the new hair due" I said suffocating her into a hug.

"Okay Jenny let me go and I know you love my hair. So what's the plan?"

"What plan?"

"You know. For tonight. At your house."

"Oh. Whatever we want to do."

"Yay! Okay I'll talk to you later I got to go to class, but I'll see you at lunch, if you don't get your ass in some type of trouble."


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