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"So tell me about you, Sadie." He asks, stealing a fry from my package with a quick hand movement. I don't mind, and move the package forwards, showing him he can eat more.

"Me? Well, I'm not really interesting." I pick up a nugget, dip it into barbecue sauce, and take a bite. "I go to school, do some activities, go home, do my homework, and depending if I have a test on the next day or not, I read, listen to music or study." I answer.

Absent mindedly, I start to tap my fingers on the table as if it was a piano, playing a song I know by heart. This is a very common habit of mine. Sometimes I do this when I am bored, like when I finish a test and have nothing else to do, or simply like the majority of times, without thinking.

Shawn notices my finger tapping, and after watching the patterns in which I am tapping, it all clicks, and he smiles. "You play instruments?"

I nod, smiling too. "Yes! I actually play two instruments, the guitar and the piano, even though I am way better at the piano, as I have more experience. I only started to play the guitar this year, when I... Found your songs. I had this huge desire to learn it, yet I am still not very good as I don't have a guitar of my own, and therefore, can't practice unless during the lessons. My mother thinks I'll give up."

"And why does she think that?" He asks, kind of feeling bad for me by the fact that I don't have my own guitar.

"Well, it all started when I was little, and when my mum took me to watch a violin lesson to see if I wanted to learn it. I, of course, said yes, the little child I was. I then started to have lessons, only to learn that I actually hated it. Not that I don't like classical music, I can appreciate it, but to play it, that's another story."

I stop to take another bite out of my nuggets, and notice that I am chatting too much. But Shawn has a look on his face that shows that he is intrigued, and wants me to carry on. So once I swallow my nugget, I continue.

"I spent nearly my whole life trying to convince her to leave it, saying that I wanted to play piano instead, but she did not budge, forcing me to continue, saying that it was my choice. I eventually managed to convince her otherwise, and when I was 11, I left the violin and started piano. I was very much correct, and I actually did like to play the piano."

Shawn has an impression of understanding, his face expression as if he was saying "ooooh" while he chews on his tomato-less burger. My mind says me to shut up, that I am talking way too much. But a voice that I decide to hear to says that I should add something, so that's what I do.

"I really like playing the guitar and I know I won't give up. This is because everytime the sound does not come out perfect, I feel like putting the guitar down and never picking it up again. But then... Then I always remember an interview that I saw of you, in which you said that you practiced and practiced until it was perfect, and how we shouldn't give up. That really makes want to continue and get better."

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