Ch 17: Conundrum

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Killian POV:

After arriving at Liverpool I went directly to port.

The pub nearest to port at least.

Dealing with Gizmo even when the woman wasn't actually around is good enough reason to down a few glasses of gin.

The Salty Dog pub was filled with rowdy sailors as was expected.

It reminded me of being a boy sitting next to my father as he drank and made deals under the table with captains who sailed under the crowns name.

I smiled slightly.

Maybe some rum to remind me of my days when I would sneak it when my father wasn't looking.

Walking up to the bar, I sent a quick grin to a girl with a rather large chest who looked as if she has had her fair share of indecent encounters.

She smiled back and flashed a wink before she glared at something in the distance and heaved up a tray of drinks.

My gaze followed her as she walked.

Well admittedly, only certain parts of her.

He irritated voice drifted through the noisy place, "your drinks gentlemen, and lady."

My brows rose a bit.

Honestly, i don't really think she had the right to be snide about another women's ability to be a lady. But women tend to be strange at times.

I took a few steps closer to get a good look at this other woman. Pausing entirely when I heard her voice, "darling, if you think this is enough Gin to tide me over you are mistaking, and i assure you a lady I am not. Ladies are drab little creatures."

The pub roared with laughter several men stepping from my view to reveal Gizmo herself sitting upon a table surrounded by sailors.

She was wearing one of the most devastatingly gorgeous things I have ever seem on her form, the green velvet of the dress hugging her gentle curves and lighting off the color of her eyes. That mass of coppery hair was pinned so elegantly it made me question if it really was the wild woman I knew.

She was stunning standing out like a beacon in this pub full of sailors who haven't seen a woman in months..muchless one with Gizmos odd beauty.

The pub girl pales in comparison. No wonder the bustier woman was displeased with gizmos presence.  The entire place was entranced with the brunette.

...The woman knows how to get what she wants...there was no doubting that.

I snapped my fingers at the man behind the bar who was drinking in the sight of Gizmo as well, ordering myself a drink once i got his attention.

I was going to need something to get me through this.

I tossed it back and walked towards the table Gizmo sat upon.

I didn't miss the astonished look the pub girl sent me as I spoke to my missing girl, "Gizmo dear. You were harder to find in London than this. Loosing your touch?"

Her eyes shot to me, narrowing a bit as a smirk tugged at the corner of her lips, "now Mr. Blythe, when I said to stop chasing ghosts I didn't mean you should chase me."

"I was looking for a drink."

She rose a brow, "They burnt all pubs in London? Blasted church, i just knew they would get offended by a common man drinking the blood of christ."

I resisted the urge to smile, "perhaps I left when I lost someone who knew what and interesting conversation was."

"Ah. Try the young maiden that works here, she wont do much talking I am sure but I do not think you will mind considering she most likely will not mind getting dirt on her knees."

I shook my head at her, "a word gizmo?"

"Well for finding me I suppose thats fair enough despite your being a fool."

With a wave over her shoulder she bid the sailors farewell and sauntered from the bar.

I was not the only man there to appreciate the way that scandalous dress hugged her as she walked away.

The first thing she said to me when I walked outside was, "I am completely drunk so if you plan on taking advantage of me don't expect much foreplay."

I tried to ignore her brazen words, "leaving the country wont help you."

"I Don't need help, i need a good book and a ship."

I was carefully calm with my next words, "I think you do miss Gladstone."

The slow clapping was mildly irritating, "wonderful deduction Mr Blythe. Hawk eyed Lizzy was going to say what she wished no matter I knew that."

"Not going to deny."

"Cannot fathom why I should care you know my surname. Gizmo Gladstone it is."

"Which one are you?"


"The twins."

She grinned mischievously cupping her hands behind her back leaning over just enough to give me more than my fare share of a look at her cleavage. "Im an only child Gladstone is a common surname, apologies for your wasted time."

She was toying with me.


"You know Killian. I rather enjoyed kissing you."

I stared at her in surprise, "where the bloody hell did that come from?"

"If your were going to go on chattering i figured thinking of you in more interesting ways would be a better use of my time and in my drunken state I find I want to kiss you once more."

Well...this was a conundrum.

I knew full well if i took the tipsy girl in my arms I would likely fall into some ridiculously ingenious plot of hers.

...but she does look quite stunning.

And I am a man. Not a very good one.

I rarely ever find fault in kissing drunken girls.

I did not this time either.

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