Chapter 1

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Hey guys, this is my first ever book on Wattpad. I am a very young writer, and as I said this is my first book, so please be nice and I hope you enjoy it.




There was this very annoying voice. It kept saying 'Piper'.

To say I was getting irritated would be an understatement.


I jolted awake and unfortunately banged my head on the car roof.

"Ow! Mom! What do you want??" I growled out. Waking me up is one of the worst things you could do.

My mom just rolled her eyes.

"We're here."

I got out of the car but unfortunately managed to fall.

"OW! Frickin' legs and their bad habit of falling asleep!"

I shook my legs until the blood circulated around them and got up.

I looked at the house and smiled.

It was painted a nice dark brown colour, it had a porch and a door at the front. The door was cool. It was frosted glass in different colours. That should interesting on a sunny day. At the back, there was a big garden, with all sorts of plants. Then, my favourite, there was the forest. Thats my favourite place to go. I can let my wolf run wild.

Oh yeah, one tiny thing I forgot to mention...

I'm a werewolf.



My name is Piper Riley Summers. I am 17. I was supposed to find my mate on my 16th birthday but I didn't. That's part of the reason we moved houses. I am a girl, obviously. I'm a big gamer. I play hours of MineCraft PC and then Halo and MineCraft Xbox. I play a lot of netball. I play the guitar as well. My favourite band is Imagine Dragons, they are amazing.

And that's pretty much it. My oh' so amazing life.

I am also a rogue. My parents and I moved pack. We haven't gone through the ceremony of being accepted into the pack so we are still rogues.

I walked in the house, trailing my fingers on the smooth white walls. There was a fairly big dinning room with a window and a painting of a wolf. Then there was the kitchen. It had a stove and a 5 seat table. The floor was a nice ocean blue tile while the walls were just white. Then there was the living room. There was also two bathrooms.That was the first floor.

The second floor had a study room, another TV in a room and three bedrooms, the master bedroom and the two guest rooms. I was supposed to get one of the guestrooms, but I specifically asked for the attic.


Because it provides more space and privacy. I basically get the entire floor to myself. But there was no bathroom, that's the downside.

But it doesn't matter!

My dad came in with my suitcases and kissed my forehead.

"Start unpacking sweetheart"

I rolled my eyes at shooed him away.

My attic/bedroom had a Queen sized bed. It had a big window and a nice Lynx Wood desk. It also had a cupboard and some drawers.

An hour later, I had finished unpacking. I went downstairs to eat my dinner.

"School starts tomorrow, be up 7 sharp," My mom said sternly.

I grinned sheepishly. I tended to oversleep a lot.

After dinner I got cleaned up and set my alarm clock to 7am. Then I said goodnight to my parents and lay down in my bed.

I wonder if I'll meet my mate...

Tomorrow shall be an interesting day.


That's it for now. I hope you guys like it. I will try to update it as soon as I can.