The Party

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Camila's P.O.V.

"Camila! Camila!" I heard my name being called but the music was so loud I couldn't tell who was shouting my name. I looked around but saw nothing out of the ordinary so I continued dancing with a drink in my hand.

"Hey darling, wanna dance?" I spun around and a gorgeous man was standing with his hand out inviting me to dance.

"Sure why not. I don't see anyone else asking." I smiled and we made our way to the center of the dance floor.

"Camila!" I heard my name again and this time closer. It was then I saw Dinah waving at me to come over.

"Umm, Excuse me but my friend is calling me over." I said trying to wiggle out of the guys embrace.

"Come on baby, we haven't even started." He said with a slur in his voice. He then grabbed my hand and pulled me closer.

"Dude, Fuck off!" I screamed over the music and people started to look at us with concerned stares. I moved through the crowd and finally met Dinah over in the corner by the exit.

"Dinah what's wrong?" I asked after seeing the look on her face.

"We have to find Lauren." She screamed over the music.

"Why? What's wrong!" Dinah grabbed my hand and started dragging me looking around for Lauren.

I stopped and Dinah looked at me with anger in her eyes.

"Tell me what's happening or I'm going back out to dance." I said looking Dinah straight in the eyes.

"Camila! Come on we don't have time for this we need to find Lauren!" She reached out for my hand again but I pulled away.

"Not until you tell me what happened!" I was getting angry now. Why won't she tell me?

"Fine! Ally called me and she was stumbling over her words saying we needed to get back to the hotel because something happened. She said she would explain when we get back. It was something about blood and someone not waking up. That's all I got before she hung up. There happy? Now lets go find Lauren!" she then grabbed my hand again and I accepted it and let her take me to find Lauren.

What could Ally be talking about? What happened on there walk? I was just talking to her about an hour ago. Is it Normani? So many questions were going through my head as we searched for Lauren.

"Lauren! Lauren where are you?!" I shouted over the music and people.

"She can't be that far. Lets go look over here." I followed Dinah over to where a couple people were talking and smoking something by the smells of it. We walked past and then I laid my eyes on Lauren and she was about to put something into her mouth.

"Lauren what the fuck are you doing?" I screamed at her and she whipped her head around before she could take the little white pill in her hands.

"Camila? Dinah? What the fuck? I thought we were going to meet up later and go home?" Her voice was slow and had a hint of beer on her breath. She was defiantly drunk.

"Well change of plans we have an emergency." Dinah said grabbing her by the hands and pulling her up to her feet. She was unstable but caught her self before she could fall over.

"Get your hands off me Dinah! I don't care what happened I'm staying here." She said siting back down taking another drink of her beer.

"Like hell you are!" I grabbed her hands and pulled her up. Dinah then came and helped me bring her out of the room closer to the exit of the club.

"Let go! I'm not 12 I can take care of myself!" Lauren screamed into our faces but still allowed us to pull her out the door and into the cab that Dinah called.

"Lauren shut the fuck up for one minute while I call Ally back." Dinah said before pulling out her phone. I looked over at Lauren and she looked pissed off. She was defiantly going to hate us in the morning but I don't care she will thank us later.

"Ally thank god! Wait what!" Dinah's eyes grew wide. "Well we're on are way now. Give us 15 minutes. Bye."

"What is it? Is it Normani?" I asked worry evident in my voice. Lauren looked up and was concerned as well.

"No, but they found someone and it's a little girl. They brought her back to the hotel." Her eyes were large and I was in shock. A girl?

Lauren looked up "What the fuck do we do with a little girl?"

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