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Lauren's P.O.V

"Guys can one of you please please please please please for the love of god, shut him up!" Dinah groaned out and I narrowed my eyes at her, picking up Elliot who was crying his little eyes out.

"Dinah Jane, he is a baby." Ally smacked her head.

"Thank you Allyson." I smirked when Dinah glared at me. "Hey little buddy." I cooed at Elliot as I bounced him gently.

"So what's going to happen today?" Normani asked as she ate a hot wing.

"Well, first, we gotta figure out about this little dude." I said as I sat down and placed Elliot on my lap. He laid his head against my chest and sucked his thumb, staring at all of us.

"My neck is killing me." Camila mumbled as she sat next to me, rubbing her neck. I patted her back and she pouted at me.

"Do we call social services?" Dinah asked everyone.

"No, if we do then they'll just think we kidnapped him. And we all know how the system works, he might end up in a foster home that won't even care about him." Ally announced.

"Agreed." I nodded.

"So what do we do?" Normani asked.

"We got a week off right? I say we stay here with him for a week and then we decide what to do. That's the only reasonable thing to do." Camila said.

"Alright," Ally smiled, "But," We all looked at her. "This means that we have to go to the store for baby things. We only got diapers and inessentials yesterday."

"Okay, I mean, a baby can't be that expensive, right?" Dinah said and we just stared at Elliot who fell asleep on me.


"403 dollars and 35 cents." Normani and Ally walked back into the mansion. "That's how much a baby is."

"Well damn, Lauren you owe me 50 bucks." Dinah cheered and I glared at her, throwing her her money. We made a bet, I betted that the girls would come with at least 500 and she was like under 450.

"Shhh! He's sleeping." Camila hissed at us as she sat next to Elliot on the couch. Elliot was fast asleep and Camila was just reading next to him.

"We'll set up the play pen for him." Ally whispered and we nodded. After watching her and Normani struggle, I got up and helped them out with it. We laid the stuffed toys in and a blanket with a small pillow. Thankfully, this playpen had wheels so it could be easier to move it around. We placed it by the couch and I headed off to get Elliot.

Unfortunately, he was ripe.

And I mean ripe.

"God damn kid." I gagged out while I picked him up. He stirred and woke up, staring at me tiredly. He let out a small cry, probably from the sogginess from the diaper. I rubbed his back and looked around. "Dinah! Where are you?! Elliot needs a change!"

"You change him!" I heard her shout.

"Dinah!" I whined out and Elliot continued to cry. I sighed out and grabbed a diaper, a towel and a pair of pyjamas. I carried Elliot to the bathroom and as quickly as I possibly could, I got him changed and clean in no time.

"There ya go, no more stinky." I said in a baby voice making him giggle. I carried him to the living room where Ally and Camila were. I placed him down in the play pen and watched him crawl to the toys curiously.

"You're becoming a natural." Ally patted my back and I smiled at her before sitting on Camila's lap.

"Hey! You're sitting on my book!" She whined and I got up, took her book and sat back down on her before flipping the page.

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