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8 months

... After the virus outbreak and the ill-fated trip to the Zanu Desert

The fallout from the virus was massive. It extended right across the continent with Pentorium taking the brunt of it. So far the virus was contained to the five cities of Pentorium, but that was not the only thing that was loose.

Footage, pictures, high witness accounts all gave away the existence of the vampires. In an effort to take down the infected and protect the lives of the humans, werewolves had to expose their existence as well. Suffice to say their efforts were not met with gratitude. Relations with the races crumbled faster than a house of cards in a category five hurricane. The lines drawn had the humans on one side, and everything else clumped up on the other.

Division ran rampant through both ranks. Some humans, even those outside of the vampire families, did not blame all though they were scared. Some called for tolerance and for persons to be informed instead of succumbing to the fear perpetuated by the propaganda that was spreading. On the side of the vampires and werewolves, some did not see why they should sacrifice their lives for the ungrateful meat suits who wanted them all dead.

Marx was having the same conversation with Shea and not for the first time. She stood on the side that said leave the humans to die.

"We should be building our stronghold in the Mountains. The vampires are welcomed to join. We fortify the place, and no human would be able to step foot on our lands," she said.

"Even if we did, it won't stop the military from flattening the Mountain with missiles. Here we have control over weapons we can use," Marx countered. "This is the front line."

"Then we should stay here. Protect ourselves and our own, not risking our lives for people who want to kill us."

Shea made no attempt to keep her voice lowered. Heads turned in their direction and Marx knew some of them agreed with her. Chatter was getting around. And the chatter to leave the human race to fend for themselves was getting louder by the day.

"Not all of them think that way."

"And do you see them taking up arms to protect us?" Shea asked. "Their words mean nothing and will do nothing to save us."

Shea and Marx were in the lobby awaiting the team that was sent out on a rescue mission. Marshal Law was declared by the human government two months after the initial outbreak. Military personnel and tanks kept the order from on the ground. Drones and fighter jets kept it from the air. They, however, could not get close to the vampire strongholds.

Out of the five cities, the vampires and werewolves had control of three. The territories under Salvay and Passerini were raided. Vampires and their families were taken by the government. Purists, unaffected by the virus fought the humans. Not to rescue their kind but to prove a point. Start a revolution that was televised right across the world. Though the virus was localized, the fear and hatred of vampires and werewolves alike were spreading globally. The actions of the Purists served to bolster the rhetoric that all vampires and their supernatural counterparts were savages. Animals to be put down. Rendered extinct. Blaming some virus, according to some critics, was an attempt to pull blinders over the eyes of the human population. A rhetoric that grew fast with fear as the catalyst.

Marx understood where Shea and others like her were coming from. It was hard not to hate in a hostile climate like this. It was hard not to seek vengeance when your own was being hunted and butchered for crimes they did not commit. Condemned for being what they were and for the actions of a few. "We cannot approach this the way the humans have out of fear," Marx said.

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