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Your POV

You are at a cafeteria with your best friend Mia , and you are enjoying a cup of coffee.
"I am done with my coffee." ,you said
"Okay just wait a minute to finish mine too.." ,she replied
"Okay", you smiled
You turned to look at the TV. Nothing interesting. But suddenly an interesting commercial showed up  .
"Are you a good dancer? " the commercial said
"I think?",you thought
"Then come and show us your talent at the 1st Dance Competition ! The best dancer will win an excellent price...The winner will be shown at the new video clip of the famous K-pop group GOT7!" the commercial said
"Well that will be good for you,right? I mean if you win you will be with GOT7!" ,Mia told you in an exciting tone
"Yes I think...",you answered
"Then go ahead. You may be winner!" ,she replied

Okay so this is the end of the prologue
Hope you liked it (well I know that this is too short but OK 😂)

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