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    I stood up from the table,"She's fine. Let's go,"

"What do you mean she's fine?" Lucio said.

"Well she needs some time. She'll return when she's ready. What did you do to her?"

His eyes lowered to the ground and I was met with silence.

"Why don't I walk you out," Alpha Peterson said.

Derek looked confused but didn't question me. We walked outside and Alpha Peterson took out his phone. Without a word he pulled up her name and number on the screen and I saved it in my phone.

"Well talk soon, I told him,"

I rode back with Derek this time and once we were on the road I called Maria. She didn't answer so I left her a message.

"Want to fill me in?" Derek stared at me waiting for my answer.

"Maria is staying with us for a while,"

"Did he do something to her?"Derek asked me.

"Yes but she hasn't told me what yet,"

My phone buzzed signaling a text messages coming in.

Helston pack. Only speak to the Alpha or beta about me.

"Where is the Helston Pack?" I turned to Derek.

"In South Carolina. Is that where she's at?"

"Yes. She asks that we only speak with the Alpha or Beta when we arrive about her," I was really starting to wonder what Lucio did to this girl.

"Wanna fly or drive?" He asked me.

"How long of a drive?"

"I'd have to check but if we leave in the morning we should be there by the early evening at most,"

"We need to leave tonight,"

"You seem worried,"

"I have a bad feeling. Sure Lucio seemed to be concerned but I know he did more then cheat on her. She's taking every precaution to not be found," I said.

"Let's get back and park one of the vehicles. We can then drive there. I suggest we take the escalade it has a third row and will allow us to have our guards,"

The rest of the way home my mind kept wondering back to Maria. She sounded scared. Many times growing up I heard of abusive Alphas. Humans had courts and law to deal with it. In our society it was overlooked way to much. Many feared upsetting or disobeying their Alpha. Some thought as Alpha they had a right as they had dominant personalities. It was time we did something about it.

It was a little after eight in the morning when we made it to South Carolina. Derek drove half way and Brad drove the rest. It was a really beautiful state, I thought as I stared out the window at the glistening water.

"How much farther?" I asked Brad who was currently driving.

"Not long it's close to Hilton Head," he said as he switched lanes.

I've never been to Hilton Head Island before though, I heard it was beautiful.

I debated sending Maria another message to let her know we were close but decided against it. It was early and maybe she wasn't a morning person.

Derek woke up and stretched his long arms behind him. His lips turned up into a grin and he kissed my forehead,"Good morning gorgeous,"

"Your not too bad looking yourself," I teased him.

He looked around a moment before saying,"We're getting close,"

"So what's the plan here Alpha?" Melly asked from the front seat.

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