Chapter 3

We pulled up outside the school and into the parking lot. All the people strolled by the car not noticing any change. That was good.

''Kira. Earth to Kira'', Milo said waving his hand in front of my face.

''What'', I snapped.

''School. Pull up that top'', He said serious.

''You really should kid'', Johnny said popping up.

''People might start throwing money at you hoping for a lap dance'', He giggled. Oh JOHNNY I would give you a lap dance anytime.  

''Eh'', Jonny said scratching his head.

''Kira what you looking at'', Milo's voice asked.

''Johnnies Lush hair'', I said in a dreamy voice. Oh did not just say that out loud. My eyes went wide and I turned to look at Milo he burst out laughing holding his sides.

''Umm...'', Johnny said going bright red and scratching his ribs.

''I got to go'', I said hoping out of the car as fast as humanly possible. I can't believe I said that out loud, shame on me. Morganna spotted me from across the parking lot.

''KIRA'', She screamed running towards me in her 5'' inch heels. Her bleach blonde hair curled into perfect ringlets than fell around her beautiful half Russian face. Her usual; tight top showing enough ''Boo-age'' as she called it and a pair of tight skinny jeans clung to her long matchstick legs. Morganna was the ''Popular one''. Her mother was a successful Russian model and her Father was a self made multi millionaire.  Pretty, Rich and a talented singer. I triple threat.

''Kira'', She screamed surveying my new look.

''You are sizzling girl. Boob-age on show, what has gotten into you'', She asked with a funny voice.

''I don't know'', I said laughing.

''Well wait till Cameron see's you'', She squeaked.

Did I mention I have a boyfriend? Cameron's an emo guy but still cool enough for Morganna to approve of him.

''Well come on! We do have school'', Morganna said grabbing my arm.

She towered over me but not as much as Milo did. As we walked through the yard the older guys wolf whistled and guys took 2nd looks. I never felt so embarrassed. Cameron was sitting on a lunch table with the rest of the gang. Joseph A.K.A. Pike, Mary Jane, Georgia A.K.A Minny, Lucifer and last but not least Harvey. Cameron looked up at me from under his hair as we approached the table his expression grew more and more angry with every-step closer.

''Swiss Swoo'', Minny whistled. 

Cameron's face grew more angry. ''Whats up your hole'', Morganna laughed at Cameron.

''Just because you dress like a whore why should my girl friend'', He spat making a space for me beside him.

I frowned at Morganna and jumped on the table beside Cameron where he pulled me into an embrace as Morganna's expression turned sour.

''Stop drooling Lucifer'', Morganna snapped slapping his arm.

''What?'', He said confused.

''Nothing you bag of hormones and bones'', She said grunting and sitting down beside him.

I could feel Cameron's hands moving towards my chest. I could feel him pulling at my shirt and when I looked down all my short was pulled up.

''Modesty Kira'', He whispered into my ear. He kissed my neck and jumped off the table.

''School awaits guys'', He said waving and disappearing.

Morganna looked up at me. ''He did NOT just pull up your shirt!'', She said disgusted.

''Oh yes he did'', I said back.

''Maybe I was wrong about him?'', She said scratching her arm.

''I think you were too'', I said smiling as I pulled my shirt back down.

''Lets go have some fun with this '', I smiled pushing up my boobs for a funny effect.

''Lets'', She said.

There was house party that was coming this weekend that Minny had just told us about.

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