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Diana's P.O.V

I've always loved the countryside, the mountains covered in forests and woods stretching across the horizon. Cattle, sheep and different kinds of animals grazing in the fields. Wild horses occupying the high grounds showing off their grace and beauty. The singing of birds waking you up every morning with their sweet melody and the night sky , dark filled with twinkling stars . I could never get bored of that. Living in a cottage belonging to a man called Robert I took up the job of breaking and taking care of horses. He wasn't a person you could mess with. Robert was intimidating which wasn't surprising because he was a very dangerous criminal. Somehow the day he found me we clicked right away and now I'm like his daughter. Robert gave me a job in one of his cottages in the countryside where his horses and stables were situated. Trained I have also been sent to carry out jobs that left a part of my humanity in tatters .

The sound of the phone ringing distracted me from washing the dishes. I wiped my hands and picked it up pressing it against my flushed ear.

"Hey missy." Roberts playful voice said making a smile appear on my face.

"Hey Robert, how's it going?" I asked wondering why he called so late at night , it was almost midnight . I had so much work to do at the stables that I had to eat my dinner around ten and then take a break before washing the dishes.. The perks of having to take care of twenty beautys.

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm coming over tomorrow. I'll be at the cottage around two kiddo." Robert informed me shocking me with the news. I am like a daughter to him but the last time he visited this place was two years ago. Usually I was the one to occasionally travel to London . That's where he spent most of his days .

"Yeah I'll probably have dinner ready by then .  Looking forward to seeing you." I said really looking forward towards our meeting.
I missed him .

"See you then I have to deal with something got to go bye." Robert quickly said hanging up . Knowing that it was something serious I wasn't offended and carried on with the dishes.

Wiping my hands I walked upstairs to my study and opened it using a key I kept with me at all times. I took a seat in my leather chair and began continuing my search for Claire my older sister that I had to part with many years ago. Slowly I started getting a headache so I began putting away the papers . Accidentally I brushed a fresh newspaper I got this morning off my desk. Reaching down to pick it up a headline caught my attention making me gasp. In bold , black letters it said

Sudden disappearance of Claire Randall.

I knew it was my sister. Of course her surname was different . During my investigation I have found out she was married but somehow couldn't find their whereabouts because during the war it was hard to do so. All I needed was the location of where she dissappeared. So I took a big breath before reading on .

Last seen at craigh na dun close to Inverness.

Putting the newspaper in one of the drawers I closed the door and ran up to my room grabbing one of my bags to pack some of my clothes. I wasn't going to wait till tomorrow. I doubt Robert would let me go just like that. He was a very kind man to me but his rules are strict. The members of his gang had to follow them and since I was like his daughter they were even more strict for me. I couldn't go anywhere without permission and couldn't talk to people without permission except some gang members Robert trusted the most. While swinging the bag over my shoulder I rang for a cab. Making sure I had all my money I ran to my study and picked up all of the clues to my future whereabouts , burning them in the fireplace. Being the only one on the farm I have bonded with the horses and decided that I'll give them extra feed and water so they don't starve until Robert's arrival . Quickly hugging and saying goodbye to each horse ,  I locked the house and walked out in front of the house waiting for the cab. The wind was icy cold but bearable.

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