TAMHM: Chapter One

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The Alpha’s met his match

Brooke, is a tomboy at heart. With three brothers and two sisters who live across the globe, she never really tapped into her girly side. Her mother and father send her off to a school for ladies hoping she’d finally become the girl they’d always hoped she would become. At 17 years old her parents finally bring her home. Only problem? She may have cleaned up around the edges, but Brooke is still the same girl. 

Nick, Jake and Princeton finally got their sister home. But now that she’s back she's bound to notice they moved since she was away. Having joined a new pack without her knowledge, she's going to be pissed. What about the jerk of an alpha and his friends? Brooke isn’t going to take this lightly.

Author’s Note***

New story, Hope you like, next chapter up soon (:


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The Alpha’s Met His Match

Chapter One

I slowly walked through the halls of my dormitory, glistening with sweat from my run. As a werewolf I had to get out at least once every once in a while or else I’d get fidgety because of my wolfs endless energy. I threw open my door with a loud bang and made my way through the dorm room and over to the bathroom. My room was pretty standard, two beds, a small kitchen, one television and two dressers on either sides of the room. Unfortunately, the second bed was occupied by my snob of a roommate, Silvia.

She was the exact opposite of me. While I barely cared about my appearance, she was in front of the mirror 24/7 fixing any flaws that she saw. Which didn’t make sense because she was flawless. She was the perfect representation of what Glenchester School for Ladies is all about, falsification, objectification, idiocy and complete and utter crap.

“Ugh, must you do that every time you enter our room?” Silvia said in her nasally voice. Of course, out of all of the girls in the school, I was placed with the most superficial of the bunch.

“Uh, Duh.” I said sticking my tongue out at her. Immature, I know, but whatever. You’d do the same if you had had to spend the last 3 years of your life with the girl.

I heard her say something along the lines of “You’re such a child” before I closed the bathroom door. I had to get the sweat off me. I may not be a lady, but I’m no man.

I took off my short gym shorts and sports bra before tossing them in a crumpled bunch on the floor. I opened the glass door to the shower and turned it on, waiting a few seconds for it to heat up, before entering. Humming the tune of my favorite song I lathered my long blonde hair with shampoo and conditioner before washing my smooth alabaster skin with my strawberry scented body wash. Soon enough I was out of the shower, wrapping a fluffy white towel around my body.

“I’m such an idiot.” I said realizing that I forgot to bring a change of clothes in with me. Silvia is such a priss when it comes to things like this and I do not want another headache inducing speech from her. I slowly opened the door to the bedroom and breathed a sigh of relief when I noticed that she had left our room.

I made my way over to my dresser and took out my favorite jean short shorts and a random band t-shirt.

I got dressed and quickly laced up my old worn out pair of Chuck Taylor’s before returning into the bathroom to blow dry my hair, leaving it in soft waves over my shoulders. I shrugged. This was the best it was going to get. I began heading out the door to get a smoothie from the café downstairs before the dorm phone rang. I walked over and picked it up.