Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

After packing up for the night, with my homework done (or, at least slightly done), I walked with Amber to the sorority. The campus was now dark, lit only by the emergency lights and lamp posts illuminating the way. Boston's nightlife was in full swing, being a Friday night. I stayed close to Amber, watching the dark campus. She clutched her books to her chest, looking uneasy. I caught sight of a shadow in the distance. I placed a hand on Amber's arm, stopping and watching the form. It stood, watching me. I caught a slight flash of something in the nearby lamp post. A gun. It was like a switch flipping inside me, going from cover to spy. 

"Duck!" I screamed at Amber as a bullet whizzed past my head, missing it by centimeters. Amber's head shot around, looking for what I saw.

I pulled her down forcefully. She gasped in surprise, but didn't protest. She scooted behind a small cement wall, pressing her back up against it. Fear flashed in her eyes. I did the one thing I knew would change everything between her and me. I pulled my gun out of my bag and aimed, shooting back. Without the silencer, the gun made a loud crack the ricocheted through the silent campus. The shadowy figure crumbled, and I knew I hit him. Amber's eyes were as large as saucers as she watched me. I lowered my gun, stepping towards her. She backed away.

"Amber, let me explain-"

"No! Get away from me!" she screamed, hoisting her bag up higher and running as fast as she possibly could with books and a bag. 

I didn't give up there. Without a second's hesitation, I followed her. She continued to run away from me, from what she just witnessed. I called out to her, catching up quickly. When I grabbed her arm to stop her, she twisted and attempted to pry my hand off. I didn't want to hurt her, but I tightened my grip slightly. 

"Get away from me! What are you?! Tell me the truth!" she exclaimed.

I let her calm down a bit before releasing her arm. She watched me expectantly, waiting for an answer. I knew I only had minutes before someone noticed and called the police. What's the response time for Boston PD again? I turned the safety back on my gun, placing it in the holster I had strapped around my waist, at my lower back. 

"Amber, please listen to me. This is going to sound insane to you but...well, I'm a spy. I work for the CIA."

Amber rolled her eyes, not believeing me one bit. I sighed, trying another approach. 

"Amber, I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. I can prove it."

She made a defiant sound in her throat, snapping at me.

"Prove it then!"

I stood up straighter. 

"Fine, I will."

The first thing I grabbed, my CIA ID. I handed that to her. She took it gingerly, eyeing it. Her disbelief was still written all over her face.

"So what? You have an ID that could be easily doctored on the fucking internet."

Then, I pulled out my phone and pulled up all my calls to the CIA. Then the CIA's website. I handed it to her.

"I call the CIA almost weekly with status updates or whatever else I might need."

She scrolled through the calls, still disbelieving. Okay, I can prove it more. 

"Call it. Then you'll see."

Amber eyed me hesitantly. Somewhere in the distance, police sirens wailed. Students were starting to emerge from buildings, checking out what was going on. I bit my lower lip. That was quick. Very quick. Amber pressed the phone to her ear. In the somewhat silence of what we had, I heard the other end of the line.

"Central Intelligence Agency, how may I help you this evening?"

Amber watched me intently, some of the disbelief fading from her intense glare. I felt slightly relaxed for some odd reason. 

"I was wondering if I could inquire upon a name." Amber replied.

"Of course. Who would you like to-"

"Ember Rhinehart." she cut the receptionist off.

There was silence on the other end, and then the receptionist's voice came back. 

"I'm sorry, but her information is classified. She is an operative. We can't disclose any more."

Amber dropped the phone in shock. It hit the grass with a thump. Fortunately, I had a case on it. I placed my hands on my hips.

"See? Is that enough for you?"

Amber nodded wordlessly, automatically handing back my ID and picking up my phone. I took them and shoved them into my bag.


"Come on, I'll explain somewhere else."

Then I led her away from the scene ahead of us. Away from the chaos. But, most of all, away from the traumatizing truth. 

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