Daddy Boy

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Rain was pouring heavily outside the house. Sometimes storm and lighting could be heard and seen flashing through the white transparent curtains from Jaejoong bedroom windows. Jaejoong gazed outside the window as he sat himself at the king bed size of his inside the big room of his. He couldn't sleep without his daddy hugging him. Its 12:20 AM when he look at the hello kitty clock walls. His daddy still downstairs at his office room, working.

He feel hesitant to go downstairs and told his daddy to accompany him to sleep. But he's already sleepy and he couldn't sleep without his daddy tonight. He didn't know why he's feeling so fragile tonight and need his daddy to hug and cuddle him to sleep.

He sighed and walk out of his bed, opening his bedroom door to be greeted by the darkness of the inside of the house. He shivered in fear of the darkness and quickly ran through the dark corridor of the upstairs of the house from his room to the downstairs.

He stop in front of his daddy office work room, and slowly turn the door know to open. Jaejoong poked his cute head into his daddy office room.

"Daddy..." He said with his small voice which was being unheard by his daddy, who was busy typing away a document, probably settling an agreement letter with another company.

Jaejoong walked in quietly, his hand in front of him while linking his fingers together.

"Daddy..." He said a little bit louder this time, making his daddy shocked a little at the sudden voice of him.

The older man, Yunho sighed and putting down his glasses on the work desk before asking.

"Baby boy, what are you doing here still awake? Didn't daddy told you to go to sleep 4 hour ago and it's already past your sleeping curfew." Yunho asked completely not happy when his baby boy breaking the house rules.

"I..." Jaejoong went straight into murmuring while avoiding looking at his daddy eyes.

"Speak up, Jaejoong!" Yunho spoke sternly when all he can heard was mumbling and can't understand what his baby boy saying.

"...Sorry..." He apologized with a soft voice.

"Now, answer daddy. Why are you not sleeping yet?" Yunho asked again.

Frankly, Jaejoong was afraid to tell his daddy that he couldn't sleep and want Yunho to accompany him while hugging him until he feel asleep. His daddy seem to be busy with his work. And he's sure that his daddy will tell him no.

"Don't waste daddy time, baby boy. On count of three if you still didn't speak up, daddy will spank you." Yunho said with a stern voice telling that he's not playing around, his eyes staring at Jaejoong sharply.


"One." Yunho counted. "Two. Come on baby, speak up." He continued to count.

By now Jaejoong heard raced and he wanted to back away and hide inside his room under his big fluffy pink hello kitty blanket. Disregarding whatever he'd say to Yunho, he would be punished either way. And it was rude to walk away when his daddy attention already on him.

"Three. Jaejoong get your ass over here now!" Yunho said and demanded.

Jaejoong pouted while looking at his daddy with his big doe eyes and shaking his head no. Telling his daddy that don't want to be punish.


"Eung. Don't want to, daddy will spank my butt." Jaejoong refused and being stubborn.

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