12- Elizabeth

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Authors Note at The End⬇️

The Little eyes that stared back at you, made you fall apart. Elizabeth, Elizabeth De Lafayette! "You have your Fathers eyes and his curly locks, What to say to you?" you asked quietly as she started to doze off.

There was a sudden knock at the Door and you rushed to get it being careful of not waking your Sleeping daughter.

At the Door stood Maria, Angelica, Eliza, and Alexander. You welcomed them into the House and brought out the Expensive Tea that your Husband would never let you Buy.

"Where is the Elizabeth?" Maria asked squealing wanting to see the Girl. "Ah she is asleep, give her time to rest Maria!" Angelica said pulling Maria closer with a chuckle .

Eliza gasped at her Sisters actions and looked away. Alexander cleared his throat, " Where might be your Husband (y/n)?"  grabbing Eliza's hand trying to
Comfort her.

You sat down yourself next to The tray of refreshments and ignored Alexander's questions. "Eliza how is your pregnancy going?" you smiled at her while poring her a cup of Tea.

Alexander frowned at your action and escorted him self out of the Room. "Alex-!" Eliza yelled while trying to pull her self up, but only failed and fell back down on to the soft Sofa.

You handed her the Tea with caution being careful not to spill it over the poor Woman's lap. Alexander finally came back into the Room with Elizabeth in his hands. Your eyes widened at the sight of your Daughter in his hands,and you screamed loud.

Maria and Angelica suddenly stopped playing around and looked at you with wide Eyes. Your breathing became faster as you got up to face Alexander. "(Y-y/n)! please don't hurt him!" Eliza yelled while tugging on the bottom of your Gown.

Your Hand met Alexander's face in a hurry, and soon left a Handprint. As you did this Elizabeth started to cry, and so did you.

Tears poured down your face as you reached for you Daughter, and soon got her. Her Curls, Her brown Eyes, and her innocent personality, was all you needed to Calm down.

"We should leave.." Eliza said grabbing Alexander's hand and rushing out of the Home, Angelica and Maria soon followed.

"E-elizabeth! What do I do? I've gone insane, driving all my friends away from me" You said holding her close to your Heart.

Soon enough Two Arms wrapped around your Waist and held you close. You felt Warmth as you melted into The Arms.

"Mon Cher, (y/n), calm down" Lafayette said as he hugged you closer. You started to Sob quietly as you put the child down.

"W-what d-d-do-" You stuttered to find words between your Sobs, but only got small hushes from The Man that Loved you.

"It will be alright" he said bringing you closer. You nodded.

But will it be Alright?

Ah okay! This is the End of this Book :/ Don't worry! If you guys want a Second Part all about Elizabeth, I have that written so...yeah! Again I want to Thank everyone for Reading This Book, Voting, and commenting! I hope to see you guys in Part 2! Thanks! :DDD

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