Ch 16: Liverpool

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Gizmo POV:

Its been a good two weeks since I left London for Liverpool, I set up shop once more, slightly irritated I was unable to bring the larger furniture pieces with me along with a good half of my hidden lab.

But it has been peaceful without that idiot of a man chasing ghosts and looking for information. 

The people in the surrounding shops and streets need to get used to me though.

I swear they bloody wanted me to burn on the cross for wearing trousers the other day.

I has already broken London in and having to train a new city full of people was irritating at best.

I took a long drink from my tea, watching people walk by from the small patio of my shop, feet propped on the table. 

I was bored. 

Restarting once more was dreadfully boring.

No one here was in need of new limbs and running my shop has never been my biggest source of income.

My eyes met with a young brawny man, a sailor I was sure, as he walked by.

He looked me over slowly, offering a smile.

Well. at least the men here were handsome enough. I narrowed my gaze at him before sending a wave.

Bloke took it as an invitation to join me, "I haven't seen you around miss..?"

"I peered at him through my lashes looking over his tawny blonde hair and strong jawline, "they called me Gizmo in my last home."

He looked faintly amused, "is that so? may I ask why?"

"I can and will, fix anything but don't care for peoples livelihood, I'm mysterious and apparently a whore. I don't tell people my name. they named me. call me what you wish."

He sat in the chair opposite of me, "really?"

"Really, I was London's biggest scandal you know."

"and what brings you to liverpool miss Gizmo?"

I shrugged, "I have tired of England in general, I am saving my money to buy passage out of the country."

"Why not stay in London for that?"

My eyes flashed dangerously, "you ask too many questions sailor."

He looked at me surprised, ""

I rose from my chair, "I knew because I am a Gizmo and to be frank its quite obvious. good day."

Before he could respond I walked into my shop and slammed the door.

his muffled voice sounded through, "You know miss Gizmo my captains ship leaves for asia in a few days. if you wish to discuss passage with him he's almost always at the Salty Dog pub."

I pursed my lips, opting not to answer but committing that to memory as I walked further into my store."


Killian POV:

Bloody woman. 

Running all the way across England it would seem!

The moment I got post from my employer I began to pack. He wanted me to find her.

One of the Gladstone means a 50% chance of it being our gladstone.

He didn't however respond to my question as to why he wanted Miss Gladstone so badly.

I stopped in a small town for the day and didn't fail to notice the butcher wore a glove much like our dear barman back in London.

I approached the man carefully looking him over, "morning to you."

The man nodded at me, "how can I help ye?"

"I am looking for information on a rather cold woman named Gizmo."

The man faltered a bit, "don't know 'er."

I reached over the counter and pulled the glove down, exposing the machinery beneath, "oh? I think you do."

He slammed his knife down, "No. if I go an tell you anything or anyone anything she aint ever  comin' back even if I go and write for help with this hand. Woman saved my livelihood, my wife and son don't have to starve 'cause she did this."

I dropped a sack of coins on the counter, "shes in danger if she keeps running like she does. I'm just trying to help her."

He took the coins, speaking gruffly with suspicion "what kind o' danger?"

"The kind that can get even a wild woman like her killed."

He rubbed his jaw, sighing, "all I'm gonna tell you is the girl said she was headed for Liverpool."

I nodded, "thats all I need, thank you."

"You didn't hear it from me!"

"of course not." I walked from the shop and back to my horse. 


She left one port for another? I don't take Gizmo as the kind of woman to enjoy a view of the sea. So, she's looking for a ship.

If I don't catch her soon, she might disappear permanently.

I rubbed at my temples, "I need a drink the second I get into that damned city I need a drink."

Liverpool was just three days away on horseback. 

Woman can run, but i wont be chasing ghosts for another four years. 

Its time Miss Gladstone stopped running.

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