12: Snow Angels

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Note: if you've liked eduardo so far from the previous chapters then something tells me you're gonna love this chapter (but really who doesn't think dave franco is so gorgeous)


Games We Play

"Nothing burns like the cold."

― George R. R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

12: Snow Angels

Our third game in the last week of our first term followed right after Armin's party aka the winter lunch. Surprisingly, and luckily to me, it was nothing I needed to stress over.

At six in the chilly evening, Counselor Clara called us all from our rooms to the exam hall, where the massive room was set up with countless miniature brown desks all a width apart, with our names assigned to where we were to sit. I quickly clocked on that this "game" was more of an exam than anything else as I saw one of our teachers stand with a stack of heavy papers.

It was nothing horrible though - some straightforward thinking questions, some Maths, some logic and that was really it. A silent eighty minutes with everyone glued to their chairs without a sound to be heard; it was just like any other exam or test we had. Except I knew in most of our heads, no one was treating it like just some other exam or test. It was the last game of the Victor's Tournament for our first term; the final chance to either redeem or give up, the final determining decision as to whether you could continue to go on to play. Even though everyone showed their best poker face, who knew what was really going on through their head?

I finished easily in less than eighty minutes and sat quietly with my eyes trained on my desk before Clara came and collected my paper – when I tried to get up to leave, she shook her head and gestured towards the remaining 10 minutes on the clock. The silence was a little unnerving but I used the minutes to look around the room. From the corner of my eye, I could see Armin sitting diagonal to me, a few rows away. He was every bit calm and relaxed, sat back in his chair and every ounce of his concentration was on the sheet ahead of him. He tapped his pen without a sound and a confident and pleased smile appeared on his face as he then began writing. The look of satisfaction and relief on his face made my stomach churn and even I couldn't help a small smile realizing he'd finally figured out the question he was stuck on.

If anyone looked up from their page and saw me right now, I'd seem crazy and probably very creepy. But there was something undeniable and always there about Armin that made everyone want to look and stare. He was a captivating presence and always something that made me wonder what was running through his mind. One moment, he was the manipulative and selfish reputation he lived up to and another; he was a friend who switched faces so fast that you'd wonder how was it that he had such different personalities.

"The round has now ended. Please stop writing, and leave your papers for collection," Clara's voice interrupted my train of thought before handfuls of papers and sheets began shooting up.

The last game for the term was finally done – the first term was pretty much done. How these few months had passed by – when I'd entered VAc back in September, I'd never imagined all that it had held for me. My old routine and habits made it almost impossible to break away and into change– but it was no longer my decision. Because as time passes, change broke every routine of ours to create even better ones - with better people and better days.

As I walked out with a sigh, I didn't know whether to be calmed or anxious about what the rest of the year had in store for me.

* * *

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