!Trans! Stridercest Part 2

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A/N: Yo its Miha, just wanted to say its still trans Dave trans Dirk also I stopped writing and it went to narrator POV for a minute there (fuck my life :^)

Dirk's POV

   It had been about a month since you and Bro had talked, He walked in on you with your head between Daves legs, that is kinda awkward. So today you decided to talk to Bro and tell him you love your guy's brother Dave Strider. You entered your brothers room, it was filled with  smuppets, gross. "Bro? You in there?" you call whisper yelling because Dave was sleeping on the couch and you didn't want to wake your boyfriend / brother up. You guys haven't had that much sex, mostly just you fingering him until he came. But you where stuck masturbating, you wouldn't say it to anyone but your fingers are quite skilled, a perk from seven years of guitar lessons.

   Dave would rather me be the dominant one but I had always wanted him to fuck me so hard I couldn't walk straight, or, finger me, your friend Roxy Lalonde had done you a favor and got a strap on dildo for me, She had always been a good friend but It was kinda awkward asking for a strap on, Roxy just bought it off amazon and washed it for me, I had obviously paid her back, Roxy had also ordered me a packer a binder, at first I used ACE bandages and then I read something online that said how dangerous they are, I'm going to get top surgery when I get the money, but first I want to pay for Dave to go on Testosterone and get surgery, I already have a naturally deep voice and I'm find with a binder for a while

  "Bro?" Bro was at his desk, I stared off into the distance, He signaled for me to come closer. "Bro I know you walked in during an awkward moment, I mean I had my head between Davey's legs, but no matter how fucked up it may be, I love him, I love him more than like a brother, I love him like a lover. I don't want awkwardness between us bro!"

"Its fine, I just wish you guys would've warned me not to come in when I knocked, or at least locked the door..."

"yeah we've been locking the door."

"TMI! I don't need to know what your doing in bed!"

I chuckled

"now get out, I got work to do" He smiled at me and ruffled my hair

   I smiled, I left the room closing the door behind me, I heard the shower start, Dave must be awake now... I look on the couch and he's gone I knock on the door, Dave yells "who is it? If its Dirk Come in if its Bro wait until I'm out!" I walked in and locked the door behind me, "Hey Dave!" I say smiling, "Whats up babe?" Dave says happily, "Um I wanted to ask you something... I blush "Dave I don't want to be the dominant one, I want you to fuck me so hard I can't walk! okay!?" I blurted out  Dave looked at me drawing the curtains to the shower back a little blushing madly, "Oh god. okay... um put some loud music on over the speaker... and um come in here..." Dave grabbed the drain plug and put it in, he switched the shower into a bath

  I turned one of Dave's random music stations on and tear in my heart turned on. "romantic enough?" I said, Dave nodded and smiled at me staring as I took off my binder, I always have been rather big in the chest. I'm a D cup, I'm also a little bit chubby and a have a pretty big ass. I'm not over weight just chubby here and there, Dave also has a little chub, but only in his cheeks, he has a cute lil baby face.

   I got my underwear off  and slipped into the tub I sat across from Dave, about a minute later I wrapped my legs around him and he planted kisses down my neck until he found my sweet spot, he sucked on it creating a dark mark, I moaned softly and clawed at his back he bit down hard but not hard enough to hurt, I claw harder feeling blood trickle down Dave's back."Go easy on me Dirk..." he whispers into my neck."I need you so bad!" I whimper, Dave turns me around so that my back is facing him. He puts one arm around my waist the other hand slid down my abdomen he tantalized me stroking the spots that make me weak at the knees.

  I moan louder as he slides one finger into my slit, he then slides a second one in making me arch my back. "DAVE D-DON'T STOP!" I throw my head back "FUCK! DAVEY! Hnngh.." I groaned tears forming in my eyes I scream his name starting to cry,  Dave unplugs the drain with his foot, still pumping in and out of me with his fingers, I let out wimpers a mewls wanting more. I feel something in my abdomen. "daVE!  RIgHT THERE! OH GOD!!!" I finish as fast as it started,

 "thank you Dave <3"

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