vi. devil in disguise

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"Coffee for the lady," River came up behind Indie in the cafeteria and set the travel mug down in front of her. Indie tilted her head back and grinned up at her friend, accepting the kiss he placed on her forehead before reaching forward for the paper cup.

"What about me?" Tina frowned, moving up in the seat she had been laying back in. "I don't get coffee?"

"Give it time," Clark joined them, having two in his hand. Neither of the San Francisco breed had the same addiction to coffee that Indie and River had. Those two basically grew up on coffee and making them stop now was never going to happen, and if it did, they'd be two very crabby individuals.

"Thank you," Tina smiled and took the cup from him, zipping her mouth about not having her own to drink with her breakfast before class. She took a small sip of it before setting it down on the corner of her tray.

Indie's lips curled up at her friends as she reached forward for the cup that River had set down, bringing it up to her lips only to bring it away from her mouth as she choked. She growled, not liking the start of her morning as she wiped her mouth.

"Disgusting," she mumbled and took River's cup right from his fingers, setting the one he had claimed was hers in front of him. "They marked the cups wrong," she frowned, finding that it did have the ingredients to River's written on the cup. "That was the grossest way to start my morning," she frowned sadly, and washed the taste away with the pure black coffee.

"I'm sorry, Ind," he frowned and took a piece of apple off her plate. "I promise I'll check next time before I give it to you. I wouldn't want to disturb your morning."

"Thank you," Indie hummed, not at all picking up on the sarcasm in her tone. He had been completely joking about what she was complaining about. "Oh, you were joking," she hummed and inhaled her coffee again, the smell sending chills over her back. "Don't joke about my morning coffee, or my afternoon, or my night."

"Duly noted," he laughed and bit into the slice of apple he had stolen. "What have you got planned today?"

"Class at nine, then I booked one of the photo labs for an hour," Indie explained. "Then I'm meeting up with Tina. We're still on for lunch, right?"

"Yup," Tina nodded. "Speaking of class, shouldn't you be getting ready for that?" She asked and turned her phone around, showing her the screen and Indie's eyes widened when she saw she only had ten minutes to get back to her dorm and change before class.

"Damnit," she squealed and hopped up from her chair. "I'll see you guys later," she said and ran off, leaving her coffee cup on the table. River rolled his eyes, grabbing it and holding it out for her to come back too. Indie came back seconds later, a smile gracing her lips as she took the paper cup from his fingertips. "I love you," she told him, holding the cup out as she brought her free hand to the opposite side of his face, holding it as she brought her lips to his cheek.

"I know," he hummed and she laughed before waving to the other two and running off, hoping she'd make it to class in time. Even if she was still in her coffee pajamas.

"She really needs to stop coming to breakfast in her pajamas," Clark laughed. "She'd have plenty of time to get to class if she was actually dressed and ready to go."

"Telling Indie to stop doing something is like telling you that just because you think you can fix things, that you should," Tina rolled her eyes. "It's not going to stop you from thinking you're going to build a rocket ship and it won't stop Indie from wearing her pajamas to the cafeteria for breakfast."

"I can build things!" He argued.

"Like that birdhouse?" Tina shot back.

"Okay, shut up," he rolled his eyes. "I was twelve. It wasn't supposed to be spectacular."

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