17- part 2

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Dillon's POV
"Is there anything on TV to watch?!" I angrily said to myself.

"Probably not dude. Watch some porn." My friend Tom said.

Tom called me, and he was one of those friends that just said stupid things, but doesn't notice the stupid shit he says.

I scoffed and picked up the phone so he could hear me better.

"I am not watching porn. Besides, that girl that lives two houses down, already helped me an hour ago." I smirked.

"Nicee! You mean Bailey?" Tom asked.

"No, I mean Eureka- yes I mean Bailey! She's the only girl that lives two houses down!"

"True." Tom said. "What about that girl next door to you... Um Katy?" Tom asked.

"Her name is Cait." I said a little too harshly to him.

"Woah dude, calm down. I just didn't know her name." He sounded amused.

"Well it's Cait." I repeated.

"Well have you ever thought about tapping that as-"

"No." I said before he could even finish his sentence.

"Why? She's hot!" Tom said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Do you really think I'm that much of a man whore that you recommend every girl to me?" I asked turning off the TV.

"Yeah pretty much." Tom laughed.

"Fuck you." I laughed along with him.

And that's when I heard a knock at the door...

"Tom, I'm gonna go. I'll see you at school." Then I hung up and went to the door.

When I opened it, I instantly hardened in shock... and something down there did too.

I don't know if I fully remember but I think it was Cait's friend... Um Beck? In the most sluttiest outfit I've ever seen. Her face was made up with makeup and she was wearing a tight black leather dress that pushed her boobs all the way up to her neck. The heels on her feet were at least 8 inches and bright red, and my god, her legs went on forever.

I guess I never knew how hot she was under those jeans and baggy t-shirts.

"Hi." She purred. Then she invited herself in.

I wasn't complaining or anything.

"H-hello." I replied.

I couldn't stop staring at her. Usually girls are nervous around me, but this is something new!

She sat on my bed and leaned over a little more so her boobs would show more than they already are.

What is she doing?!

"I like your room... And your bed..." She said. Her voice was really soft and... sexy.

"Thank y-you." I said.

"Mhm..." She said again, looking around.

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