Someone Else

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Chapter 7
(The next day)
Quinns pov:
I was at my locker trying to think of ways to tell Finn I had feelings for someone else who just happened to be his best friend who was a girl. My hands were shaking and then Finn came up to me.

"Hey beautiful." He said leaning into kiss me but I moved away.

"Finn, can we talk in private?" I asked him .

"Of course." He said and I took him to the choir room and shut both the doors.

"Whats going on love?" He asked me.

"Finn, these past couple years have been great but something has always been missing and I know you love me and I thought I loved you too but the truth is that I found someone else." I told him.

"What?" He asked me shocked.

"Look I never meant to hurt you but , lets be honest this was never right and we're not happy ." I said.

"Since when?" He asked me.

"Since forever Finn! You are not happy , just admit it because we both know it's true . You don't love me anymore and I don't love you anymore." I said.

"I don't understand, where is this coming from?" He asked me.

"Me, god Finn I have been screaming waiting for you to see it. To see that..." I stopped myself and took a breath.

"To see what Quinn?" He asked me.

This was it. Tell him Quinn tell him and it will all be over the suffering and pain. You can be you but who is that exactly? Just tell him you love Rachel, tell him that you're gay . I thought to myself. I took a breath and said,

"To see that there's someone else." I said and I got up and I ran out and left because I could no longer breathe.

Rachels pov:
"I just don't understand." Finn said laying on my bed.

"What did Quinn say exactly?" I asked him.

"She said that she didn't love me anymore , that there was someone else that she loved. That she had been screaming for years being in this relationship. " He told me.

"Did she tell you who she was with?' I asked him

"No , she didn't actually. You know now that I think about it she has been acting strange lately. Maybe you could talk to her, I mean you two are cool right? Maybe you could find out who she is dumping me for." He said.

"Oh Finn , I don't know I mean...sure I'll what I can do." I told him.

He smiled and said,

"Thank you. You know you're the best friend anyone could ever have." He said.

I smiled and hugged him,

"Awe thanks , you're the best friend I could ever ask for." I said.

He held me tight and suddenly my body became consumed with the guilt of knowing I was the someone else in Quinns life. I felt awful about doing this even though Quinn and I are happy. It was 6:40 and Quinn was coming over at 7 . I couldn't tell Finn though or he suspect something was up.

"Hey listen I know you're upset but Ashley and I had plans tonight do you think you could maybe ya know go?" I asked him.

"Yeah of course do you like her?" He asked.

"Ashley?" I asked him.

"Yeah who else?" He asked me.

"Yeah of course I do in fact I think we could make it in the long run." I said talking about Quinn.

"Awesome." He said.

"I know right! Well bye!" I said and kicked him out basically.

I sighed knowing that once Quinn came over I was going to have to tell her that maybe we aren't ready yet to be together, and that was going to hurt me more than ever.

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