Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 (Drake POV)

She ran away from me. My mate, my soul mate, my other half ran away from me. I felt like my heart was breaking she took away from me. My beta Chase and my brother Elliot took me out of the school so I wouldn't further make a seen. We wouldn't want the humans to find out about us. I still couldn't believe that I met my mate; she deified me and basically rejected me in only 1 hour. My wolf keeps howling saying "my mate get her she completes us" and I couldn't agree with him more but she just took off I can't even find her or track her. Chase and Elliot left to see if they could find her but they reported that her scent just ends like she fell off the face of the earth. I'm still pissed she had the nerve to stand up to me and Alpha but my wolf loves it. He says she has spunk and is a free spirit. It'll be hard to get her to come accustom to the Luna responsibilities but I'm sure that she grow used to it. I need to blow off some steam so I headed downstairs out the back door and stripped to get ready to shift. We have to take off our clothes so that they don't shed.

I shifted hearing the familiar cracks of my bones molding into my wolf's body. The first shift is painful as hell. You bones rearranging can get pretty hard to get used to but you have to if you want to live the pack life. My wolf's coat is a shiny silver my tips of my ears are black. I'm pretty big for my age, of course that would make sense considering I'm Alpha.

Shaking out my fur, I stepped into the forest letting my wolf instincts take over, dodging trees, leaping over trunks that fell. I ran until I stopped at a lake, lapping up the water, the cooling liquid trickling down my throat.

Crack! My head snapped up, my alertness high as I looked around for danger. I stepped into the shadows so that I could catch the intruder by surprise. Out stepped a gorgeous black she-wolf with white spots crossing her face. My wolf was going crazy over her for some reason. I let my control loosen for a minute and he took over herding us over to the rogue wolf. He tackled her to the ground and started licking her face. She seemed shocked for a minute but quickly got over it and started to squirm under me. She tried to buck me off, but since im a male alpha she was unsuccessful. My wolf kept chanting this one word over and over again until I could decipher it. Mate. I glanced down in awe at the beautiful creature under me the realization finally dawning on me and instantly became overjoyed and angry. She ran away and she would have to be punished. Her eyes showed 2 things fear and resentment. She continued to struggle, but this wasn't a struggle I was going to lose.

I quickly bit down on her neck making her whimper but she soon stopped struggling and became purring at my touch. She was beginning to close her eyes and I became frantic. Did the mark make her lose conscious? Before she closed her eyes I whispered 4 words.

I'm sorry, my mate.

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