Best Friends With Benefits

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"Dakota?" Ryker whispered quietly, stroking my hair. I lifted my head off of his naked chest to look at him.

"Hm?" I replied, my eyes barely open. I was extremely tired from what we had just done.

You see the thing is, Ryker and I had just got done having sex. Well, round two of sex.

Ryker and I have been friends since diapers. His mother and my mother were high school best friends.

Ever since I can remember, me and Ryker have been inseparable. We have basically spent every living moment together.

We use to take baths together, we would sleep together, and we still do...just a different type of sleeping together.

"Are you sure you want to keep doing this?" He questioned. I sighed. He asked this every time we had sex.

I think he was just worried that it would ruin our friendship but we've been doing this for over 3 months now and we're closer then we have ever been before.

"Yes, Ryker. You know I want too." I opened my eyes wider to get a better look at him.

His hair was disheveled. His pupils were still a little big and his cheeks were still flushed from doing our previous activity.

"Okay. Just making sure." I smiled at him slightly. He smiled back, his eyes looking down at my exposed cleavage.

His innocent smile changed in a cocky smirk. I knew what he was thinking...I knew exactly what he was thinking.

"How about round three?" I rolled my eyes but couldn't help but smile. God he was such a horndog.

I squealed as he pulled me on top of him, me straddling his waist. I ground my hips into his causing him to groan.

I smirked.

"Let's do this."


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