Your running after Louis during one of your famous games of hide and seek. The special thing about your games though, is that when you find the other person; you have to catch them as well. Usually you found Louis pretty easily, it was the catching thing that was the problem. You weren't much of a runner, but you were able to reach pretty good speeds when it came to Louis.

"LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!" you screamed, stopping shortly to catch your breath. "YOU BETTER GIVE UP NOW OR ELSE THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!" you yelled after him. You backstage before one of their shows and the crew was long used to your antics.

"You'll never catch me alive! MUAHAHAHA!" Louis replied, turning back to give you one of his sinister grins. You couldn't help but laugh and shake your head at his child likeness.

He turned down a hallway that you happened know a shortcut to. You hurried though some random rooms and muttered a quick hello to a few of the people you saw. You got to the door to the hallway you knew Louis would be running through.

You opened the door slightly and peered down the dimly lit hallway. You saw Louis strolling along like he does. You let him get so he was right in front of you before leaping out and jumping on his back.

"GOT YOU!" you screamed and laughed as he tried to get you off of him. He didn't succeed. Eventually he gives up and settles on giving you a piggy back ride through the halls.

"How did you sneak up on me?" he asks, turning his head up slightly to look at you. Your chin was resting on his shoulder and when his eyes looked into yours at such a short distance away your heart sped up.

Your relationship with him was something you couldn't quite describe. Sure, you loved to goof off with him. Sure, you practically told each other everything. Sure, you couldn't imagine not seeing him everyday. Sure, you got annoyed at each other sometimes. But, sometimes, there was this feeling you got that you wanted more. You wanted him to be yours more than he already was. But that thought scared you to death.

You couldn't possibly risk everything you already had with Louis. He was the best friend you could ever ask for. He understood you better than anyone ever had in your entire life; he understood you better than you understood yourself sometimes.

"Hello? Earth to the crazy-girl-clinging-on-my-back!" Louis taunted you, swinging you down off his back as you entered the lounge room where the other boys were chilling.

"Uh yeah what was the question?" you asked, mentally focused on his hands which rested on your waist, holding you firmly in front of him.

"Doesn't matter, love. Your obviously need some sugar to get that brain of yours working," Louis said, pulling you over to the snack table.

"Funny," you retort sarcastically, but follow him anyway.

"Hey grab me some cheetos pleeease!" Niall calls out from the couch, barely even turning his head to ask.

"Sure thing you pig!" you say before quickly grabbing a handful and throwing the cheesy snacks in his direction. He laughed and tried to catch as many as he could in his mouth.

You laughed as Louis went and stood next to him and you threw Cheetos up in the air, both boys fighting to get the most.

"Who started throwing Cheetos without me?!" Harry whined coming into the room and motioning for you to throw some in his direction. Soon Liam and Zayn joined in, although not as enthusiastically.

"Alright boys, enough of this. You all need to head to wardrobe and hair and makeup. Show starts in less than two hours and you have a quick meet and greet before remember? Get going now!" their manager said, ushering them to the appropriate places. Louis gave you a quick hug goodbye and said he'd see me in the crowd. You smiled and said you'd be watching his every move so he better behave. He laughed his way out of the room and jumped on Harry's back causing Harry to act like a an airplane. Typical boys.

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