7 Minutes

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"Gather around, members of Fairy Tail!" Mira's excited voice rang out through the Guild hall. The mages throughout the building began to form into a group around the cheerful centerfold.

"This better not be another one of her crazy games..." Gajeel whispered to Levy, barely loud enough for anyone to hear.

"Crazy? Well, I wouldn't say that, but yes Gajeel, it's another game!" Mirajane said happily.

"How did you... Hear me?" Gajeel's eyes grew wide with horror and confusion, causing Levy to chuckle a little.  Mira ignored him and began corralling the group into a big circle on the floor. She them proceeded to make her way to the center, placing a bottle on the floor and smirking.

"I know what you all are thinking, but no. This is not your traditional, 'spin the bottle' game. It's a little different. You spin the bottle, and you have to spend seven minutes alone in a closet with whoever it lands on." She explained, gesturing to a supply closet a few feet away. "Also, whoever it lands on, gets to go spin afterwards. Now, Natsu, you start."

Natsu frowned and took the bottle, spinning it in one swift motion. The bottle spun until it started slowing, finally stopping with the skinny end pointing at none other than Lucy. Natsu got up, not saying a word, and made his way towards the closet. Lucy, however, let out a groan of disgust and walked towards the closet door. The two walked in, and Mira timed the minutes.

At the end of the seven minutes, she opened the door. Natsu and Lucy sat on opposite sides of the closet, Lucy's face red from blushing. They got up, taking their spots back in the circle. Levy smirked at Lucy while she took her seat again.

"So Lucy, did you and Natsu talk about you feelings? Is that why your blushing?" Levy winked at the blonde haired Mage.

"No." Lucy frowned. "But he farted about 10 seconds in and blamed it on me." Levy broke out into loud laughter as Mira passed the bottle to for Lucy to spin. The Celestial Mage spun the bottle, and let out a sigh when the bottle's thin end stopped spinning while pointing at Juvia. The Water Mage immediately grimaced and sulked all the way into the closet. Lucy rolled her eyes and walked into the closet with Juvia, who was crossing her arms and closing her eyes in the darkness of the tiny room.

"I can't believe this. I can't believe I'm stuck in a closet with my biggest love rival. Doesn't Mira know that us two together will end in a bloody fight?" Juvia grumbled, keeping her arms crossed.

"Relax Juvia. I've told you before. I have no interest in Gray. We aren't love rivals." Lucy said gently, trying not to get annoyed at the jealous water wizard.

"Of course you would say that."

"Juvia! Stop it! Look, I promise you, I have no interest in Gray and he has no interest in me." Lucy yelled, although her face was not that of an angry person. Juvia's expression didn't change, and Lucy walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "I promise you. Gray likes you, not me. He's just... Not very good at showing it."

"Times up guys!" Mira called, opening the door and handing Juvia the bottle to spin next. She took her seat and spun it, closing her eyes and crossing her fingers. Mira tapped her shoulder lightly, and Juiva was greeting with a wink from the light haired Mage. "Have fun you too!" Mira called in a sweet voice. Juvia looked up and saw her beloved beginning to stand up and make his way to the closet, and her heart began to flutter happily.

The water Mage got up and practically floated over to the closet door, her eyes forming hearts and her face formed into a huge smile. Gray followed more slowly, his face not showing any emotion as he closed the door behind them.

"This must be some sorta dream come true for you, right?" Gray asked, his voice deep and calm. The bluenette responded with a big nod, and Gray mumbled a quiet, "Of course."

Juvia sat in silence, her face flushed as she fumbled for the right words. Gray's voice interrupted her thoughts. "I swear to Mavis..." He grumbled, just loud enough for her to hear it. "If Mira wasn't a girl, I'd kick her ass for making is do this." Juvia's heart dropped.

"Y-you don't want to be in here with me?" Juvia said sadly.

"Juvia, don't get like th-"

"My beloved never wants to spend time with me! You will not go on quests with me, or hang out with me, and you won't even spend 7 minutes alone with me without complaining!" She cries, tears beginning to drip down her cheeks.

"Don't do this Juvia." Gray scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "Its not that I don't want to spend time with you... It's just... It's... Complicated." He admitted, looking her in the eyes.

"Complicated? If we are 'Just friends' as you keep insisting, than why would it possibly be complicated?" The Water Mage demanded, her face turning red with anger and unhappiness. "You would rather spend time with Love Rivals like Lucy or-" Gray cut her off by pulling her close in one swift motion and briefly kissing her before pulling away.

"I think that answers your question and shuts you up at the same time." He states simply, not daring to look her in the eyes again.

Juvia stood still, dumbfounded for a moment. "D-does that mean... Complicated as in... Do you..." Gray just blinked, nodding slightly. Juvia's face grew into a bright red again. "It doesn't have to be complicated, my beloved." Gray stood still and thought for a second, his gaze blank and unreadable.

"Times up!" The closet door was opened, and Gray snatched Juvia's hand before she could leave.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Let's get out of here." She looked up at him with curious eyes. "You said we never hang out right? Well, let's go." Gray said with a soft smile, tightening his grip on her hand and leaving the closet. But instead of just sitting back down, he led the Water Mage towards the guild exit and opened the door.

"Let someone else take my turn Mira!" Gray called, before they exited the guild, hand in hand.

"He loooovvves her!" Happy smirked and nudged Lucy, who simply rolled her eyes and smiled.

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