Hey guys! Dezi here! I have a solid question for you all...

What if i were to get Rid of Hero Of Us All BUT Added two new books? 

I have a Pokemon book in my drafts that I've been debating about adding and I was thinking of doing a One-Shot book of I Was Adopted By Chuggaaconroy. You guys can give me ideas for the book and i could maybe maybe MAYBE do that smut i was thinking of doing for Emile and Jon. And I could explain the story of Alex! 

So let me know if you guys want that! I legit have no damn clue what to do with Hero of Us All and to be honest... I don't really like that story. So let me know in the comments what you want me to do! Like I'll keep that book up but it'll say ~~DISCONTINUED~~ instead of ~~ON HOLD~~ Very sorry in advance.

Bye my fellow Wizards!


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