Scott- You had a crush on a boy in your school called Scott McCall. He was the popular charming one. Your friend was friends with Scott's best friend Stiles. She knew you fancied Scott and so she talked to Stiles who had told her that Scott fancied you to. You didn't believe them at first. Then one day after chemistry, you were looking in your locker getting your books for next lesson and when you closed the locker door you saw none other then Scott standing leaning against the locker doors. "Hey" you said to him nervously. "Hey, I was wondering what your doing this Saturday" Scott asked you. "Nothing, why?" You asked suspiciously. "Um, I was maybe wondering if you wanted to go see a movie with me, like on a date?" You couldn't believe he just asked you out. "Sure" you replied, in shock. "Great, I'll pick you up at 7" he told you. "It's a date" you replied. Scott walked over to Stiles, who high fived him. As soon as he walked away you rang you best friend to tell her the news.

Stiles- You and Stiles had been friends since playgroup. Your parents used to be good friends. You used to have sleepovers and make dens together. Since Scott had become a werewolf you two didn't hang out as much. You liked Scott a lot, but you felt like Stiles never had time for you. You were sitting in your bedroom, doing some homework when your phone rang. It was Stiles. You answered the phone. "Hey Stiles, what's up?" You asked him. "Not much" he replied "I actually rang to see if you wanted to go out Friday night, for food?" He asked you. "Yeah sure" you replied. "Like on a date?" you heard him say. You didn't know what to say, he was one of your closest friends. Wouldn't it be awkward. "Really?" You asked him. "Your not just messing with me?" "Not the reaction I was hoping for" He replied. "Ok then" you told him. "I'll go out with you, on a date" you said to him. "Cool, I will see you Friday" he said and with that you both hang up the phone with huge smiles on your face.

Derek- You had just moved to Beacon Hills. You had a job at a shop. One day your walking home from work and you come across a man. He was quite tall, with black spiky hair and he was very good looking. He was wearing some black jeans and a grey t-shirt. You looked down not to make eye contact so it wouldn't be awkward. In a rush, you walked past him, to get to your house. Looking down was a bad mistake. As you were walking your bumped into someone, causing you to drop the book you were holding. You bent down to pick up the book but someone beat you to it. You got back up. You saw the man you had been admiring from across the road holding the book towards you. "Here you go" he said. You took the book out of his hand. "Thanks" you said. Just as you were about to walk away. He started talking. "I'm Derek by the way" the man said holding out his hand. You shock it. "y/n" you told him. "I'm sorry about bumping into you" you told him. "That's ok" he said. You walked away. A couple of seconds after you left him you felt someone tap you on the shoulder. "Hi again, I was wondering if you wanted to get something to eat with me sometime" Derek asked you. "Sure" you replied to him. You exchanged numbers and then you went to your house.

Isaac- It was late at night, you had stormed out of your house because you had an argument with your parents. You were sitting alone in the dark on the park bench. You were crying, you didn't mean to do what you did and know your parents were mad. You heard someone running. You looked over your shoulder and saw a tall, skinny, handsome teenager. You wiped your tears as he got closer. It sounded like he was crying to, he was definitely out of breath. He sat on the bench next to the bench you were sitting on. After about two minutes of silence you spoke. "Are you ok?" you ask him. He didn't answer. You sat down next to him and offered him a tissue which he took. That was when you got a proper look at his face. You saw his head was bleeding and he had a cut on his lip. "Thanks for the tissue, I'm fine" he said. "Are you sure?" you asked him. "Maybe you should get that checked out" you told him pointing at his head. He touched the spot where it was bleeding and looked at the blood on his hands. You got up to leave, the boy also stood up. "There is this movie on tomorrow, would you like to go with me?" He asked you. "I don't even know your name" you replied. "Isaac" he said. "Ok then Isaac, it's a date" you said to him before putting your number in his phone and leaving.

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