Text 29

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Guess who's back

Dan: I'm so sleepy
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Phil: why?
Dan: because I am
Phil: can I have a valid reason?
Dan: phil I'm always tired
Phil: is it the jet lag still?
Dan: I honestly have no idea
Dan: hey guess what
Phil: what?
Dan: I'm playing Pokemon GO
Phil: really
Phil: am I going to loose you to that game
Dan: probably
Phil: ugh
Phil: uuuggggghhhh
Dan: gotta catch them all
Phil: yeah I spose
Dan: have you got the game
Dan: it's very addictive
Dan: And I'm exercising
Phil: is the one and only Dan Howell exercising?
Phil: is this an alternate universe?
Dan: well that's probably why I'm tired
Phil: case closed
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I'm back!!!
Haven't abandoned this book because the guilt of not updating is too much so here is a probably shitty chapter and I apologise

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