Chapter 39: Commanders and Generals

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He handed her the envelope, her fingers wrapped around it gently before they tightened when seeing the total seal. The seal of Ostwyn, why would the queen of Ostwyn send her something? Was it about the queen's meeting? She didn't have any clue, Camaeneth opened the envelope carefully before reading what was inside. She recognized the handwriting, and immediately got a bit annoyed at who sent it.


I'm sure you are wondering what has been happening over here, and honestly a whole lot has happened. Ostwyn is now secure, I wanted to tell you that, the new queen's have decided to accept the offer of an alliance with the Royal Capital, Valoor, and Eriness.

The new queen's. Two queens? She continued reading, her eyes widening at every new word.

Oh, please inform the queen that the queen of Ostwyn has been killed, and her daughter Princess Eredhelil will be taking the throne. The princess wants a peaceful relationship with the other kingdoms, and as such has agreed to attend the queen's meeting. I was worried for a while about the fact that there might be war, since I was basically improvising on what to do.

That idiot.

I know your probably thinking I am such a irresponsible person, but I did accomplish the impossible right? That might be exaggerating a little bit... but I wanted to inform you that your informant Rivornor is completely fine, please tell his brother. Also to tell you of any other casualties, I wish there weren't any. But, this is war, and I understand that. As such, my informant Eglanor is currently in a suspended state because of a dark cursed spell, he is alive but no one knows when he will wake. Everyone else is fine, my archer has a shattered foot, and one of my axe's has been severely wounded, but they are both alive. Please tell the queen that we are on her side, and inform the Valoor or Eriness queen, whichever you are at right now, the news of the Ostwyn queen's death. Keep up the good work! Take care sister.

Love, Meathil Celes

She didn't know what to do besides stare at the letter in shock. The queen was dead... she didn't even know such a feat was possible with the power each held. She felt a hand on her shoulder, when she turned her head slightly her eyes paused at the sight of Saewon. He waited for her instructions to let go, or to leave her be, but she didn't say anything. His black hair was shaggy over his face and his deep blue eyes watched her with question. She knew it was right to tell him about it. But, she would need to tell the Valoor queen anyways, so why not tell him at the same time.

"Let's get going, we need to have an audience with the Queen Gharil." It still felt weird to say the queen's name so casually, even with the added title. She'd been raised to speak with proper titles, and never once had she ever said a royal queen's actual name. It had always been your majesty, or your highness, or my queen. Never had she ever been even asked to speak so informally. But, that is what makes this queen different, very different, from the others. She and her bracket walked down the hall with purpose, Saewon at her side his book being held carefully in his hand. He always kept one near him for emergencies, she didn't get what huge emergencies needed a book, but he told her one day he wanted to pass the knowledge to his future wife and children. She admire how he could think about the future ahead of them all, but she had way too much to focus on in the present to do that. Her feet walked on the marble floors swiftly as she passed pillar after pillar. They were close to the throne room, it shouldn't be much farther, but not one of them dared to speak in these halls for fear of disturbing the peaceful silence that wavered through them. As they reached the throne room she heard more and more voices, the door was in front of them in seconds, and as they peered through the threshold they saw a gathering of at least thirty people.

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