escape plan on full go losing comerads

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Once all 12 of there clones made a rucus all of the guards went to Check it out as they left the hallway.

Soon they left the room they were in and ran for it they didn't care they just ran for it as they entered threw a door that said exit regrets man so much regrets.

"OK so now what we're standing outside a door that holds about who know how many traps cause im not touching this floor" fu says.

"Life has no regrets I have a plan don't worry about it" sasuke says as he started thinking "we could use a sly fox" sasukie says as they looked at him but sasuke looked at both naruto and menma "one of you two have to go" sasuke says "hold up what I says Naruto" menma says "no way am I doing that menma you go" naruto says "I'll go or else this will take for ever" gaara says as he started walking.

Oh and did I forget to mention there's a lot of traps here and there and every where so gaara probably set off all the traps with out getting hurt or looking back.

Making it to the end he deactivated all the traps as he looked at them "let's go" he says as they all looked at him like he was crazy.

"Let's go" sasuke says walking then the others fallowed.

Once across they left the room but naruto being sneaky he used one of his tails to turn the traps back on before leaving the room just in time before the door fully closed or he would be locked in the room for ever like literally.

Soon they came across another room that also seemed difecutlt but no had it all covered.

So let's just say everyone had there fair share of deactivating the traps though naruto reacted them all almost getting his tail crushed by a few things.

"How many puzzles have we went threw already" fu asks curiously as she tilted her head.

"10000maybe more" rokubi says as he shrugged not know anything at all.

"Then we'll just have to think of  another plan" Gaara says with his arms crossed  "he's right but I don't think rheres anymore traps" sasukie says as he looked around a bit as the room was dark "but we can see anything with the room so dark" naruto says looking around.

As sasuke sighed as he moved around a bit as his hand touched someone's head "hey" naruto says as sasuke softly moved his hand down to touch naruto's hand "don't worry naruto" sasuke whispers for only the blond to hear "OK everyone move back I gotta plan" sasuke says as he stepped back a little while naruto followed since his hand was holding sasuke's as he soon walked behind the Uchida.

"Hey I got a better idea how about we use my brother naruto for light" menma says as he smirked in the dark "shut up menma" naruto says as he growled sasuke rolled his eyes.

Soon before everyone knew it sasuke used fireball jutsu as he lit up the room not the whole room but it was good enough for everyone to see.

"So this is were we are" fu says looking around with a hand on her hip.

"Ya the room might not be bright enough but at least we're able to see now" sasuke says as he crossed his arms as naruto nodded.
As the room soon went dark again as the Uchiha took naruto's hand as he looked behind him as he turned around a bit "hey naruto come on" menma says as he was sitting on the floor, as the blond growled then sasuke softly ran his fingers threw naruto hair causing him to purr softly.

Sasuke soon looked around for something though he still couldn't see he stopped petting naruto as he wimpered.

But then the lights were turned on "oh my god what is this" someone says as they all turned around just to see tobi standing there as they glared at him they made it to far to head back now.

"What do you want tobi" naruto growled as he looked at the masked man while the group stepped back and went back together from there scattered possisions and looked at the masked man.

"Oh come on let's just have a little fun here can't we all be friends like is that so hard to ask" tobi says as he tilted his head sounding playful.

Sasuke glared at the masked man as he already knew that he was from the akatsuki.
(I hope I spelled that right XP)

Sasuke secretly held naruto's hand as he didn't plan on being separated from naruto same with sasukie he didn't want to let menma go not now not ever.

Tobi soon slowing disappeared "let's see you get threw more traps hehe" tobi says as the room went dark before being lit up by torches as the 12 looked around then in front of them seeing a corse that looked super deadly and not to friendly like the other traps tobi wanted to kill them all they were not cowering, out but there was no way there were gonna they could give up getting back home was there number 1 priority nothing more nothing less.

But with teamwork they sort of made it threw but not all the way cause with each corse the jinjuriki were disappearing leaning gaara,killer bee,naruto,menma,sasuke,and sasukie.

But they never gave up as they finally left the building finding out they were in the forest as they looked back at the building naruto just frowned as he looked down and balled his fist as he growled.

Sasuke went over to naruto who was shaking with anger as tears were in his eyes his fists shook as the palms of his hands started to bleed and the Uchiha hugged him and patted the blind foxes back.

Gaara just looked up to the sky thinking.


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