March 30th, 1942

Dear Lottie,

I'm so sorry for the delay, my darling. The mission took longer than expected but we managed to suceed. I'm doing fine, just a couple of bruises and some scratches but I should be just fine.

      I absolutely adore that picture, my love. I remember, it was right after we shared our second New Year's kiss as a couple. I've always been the happiest when I'm with you.

A few of the other soldiers with me down here in the 107th have teased me for the photo I keep of you in my pocket but most know that what we have is unlike anything. I am so, undeniably, completely and utterly in love with you. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

       Has Steve written you? I haven't heard anything and I can't be bribing guards anymore. I could get caught. Please let me know as soon as you hear from him. I'm worried. Also, how are you doing? Apart from being away from us? I just don't like you being left alone, doll. You're everything to me, always have been and always will be. Write me soon.

I love you,

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