Chapter One Hundred Sixty Four

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Magnus and Sebastian were more than happy that the two were back so soon, even if they weren't thrilled as to why Anora and Charlie had returned with the girls due to the fact that Voldemort and his followers were attacking left and right. They were happy to meet Stella and Eliza and vowed to help out the young parents in any way that they could. However, while Charlie's and Anora's main priority were tending to the twins, their second priority came down to training Roscoe and Norberta to fight when the time came.

"The attacks are small at this point..." Anora said as she sat at the kitchen table one early morning with Sebastian and Magnus while Charlie slept in the other room with Stella and Eliza. "They're trying to isolate Harry..and they've managed to get him from out of the Orders protection. However, he's of age now, so he's going to be able to move a lot more freely than when he was under the age restriction."

"So how do we help?" Sebastian asked. "We can't send an army of dragons out in broad daylight."

"No, of course not, and we can't take anymore dragons other than Norberta and Roscoe, they're the only ones that I would trust as they're temperaments are compatible to work with people...mostly Roscoe, but at least Charlie has control over Norbie. Two dragons should be more than enough to bring to any fight." Anora said.

"So do you plan on just waltzing in one day for an attack?" Magnus asked. "You would certainly have the element of surprise on your hands."

"No, it would be pointless if we only attempted small attacks. Look, Voldemort is going to do whatever he can to get to Harry. Harry's not going to go down with a fight, neither is the Order... what it's going to come down to is a big fight." Anora told the men. "I don't know when and I don't know where, but I know that it's not going to be pretty. Voldemort has a lot of followers this time around, people are afraid to stand against him. The Order is smaller than it was the last time, and we don't have Dumbledore or Moody to guide us. But that doesn't count us out. If we can have Roscoe and Norberta ready, two dragons can take on whatever Death Eaters they throw at us."

"What training needs to be done with the dragons?" Sebastian asked.

"I'm not sure, but we definitely need to get the flight down. Norberta allows Charlie as a rider the majority of the time, but we can't afford her copping an attitude during a fight. Roscoe, while he would probably never intentionally throw me off, if he gets worked up or too excited, I'm pretty much as good as dead. We don't need control over the dragons, but we certainly need to come to an understanding."

"Do you think this is a good idea for you two to be doing this?" Sebastian questioned her. "I two have children now. Two little baby girls."

"I'm aware of that, Sebs, as I'm the one that pushed both of them out. Listen,  if you can find someone that can work with Roscoe and Norberta like we can, I will gladly step down and let them take over. Until then... I think I can manage. And I think Charlie can manage."

Magnus grinned while Sebastian decided against arguing.

Things obviously weren't the same now that the couple had children, they had to schedule their time so that there was someone always with the twins, and Anora had to schedule feedings for both of the twins. But even she couldn't schedule such things all the time, when Stella was hungry the whole sanctuary knew because the child could scream bloody murder until her needs were met.

"You're a fussy little thing, you know that?" Anora said one afternoon as she held Stella. Eliza was awake but settled in her crib, staring at one of the toys that spun around for her amusement.

Stella met her mother's eyes with a look that looked all too familiar to those who knew Anora.

"You can make faces at me all you want, small child. If you keep acting like this, I'll take you over to Sultan's territory-"


She glanced up to see Charlie standing in the doorway.

"Are you threatening the baby?"

Anora gave him an innocent look. "No....yes. But...she started it."

"Anora, she's a baby...your baby."

"Yes and as her mother, I am asserting my dominance that if she doesn't stop this constant screaming to get her way that we are going to take a nice trip over to Sultan's territory. You know, just to set her straight."

"Okay, that's enough Mummy time." Charlie said picking up Stella into his arms. He held her against him and peered down at her. "Was Mummy being mean to you?"

Stella made a small noise which appeared to be confirmation.

Anora picked up Eliza who seemed all too happy to be in her mother's arms. "Look at that Eliza, your father's zipper is down, isn't he just so silly?"

Charlie quickly checked only to see that she had been lying. As he looked back up at her, he saw Anora smiling. 


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