Chapter 7: Silver Blood part 1

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"You didn't have to come both of you", I protested, as we were driving.

"You were going to get yourself killed", Jeremy said.

"You know, this pep talks you keep giving to people, not really encouraging...", I said.

"Yeah, because Jer has everything figured out and he is capable of giving out advice to people", Alex said.

"You're funny", Jeremy glared at him.

"I like you two", Chloe suddenly said. Not even my own mate on my side?

"Not sure why, but I'll take it", Alex said happily.

The four of us were heading to Silver Blood. We talked it out with James and since he couldn't just leave the pack and come with us, Alex and Jeremy did, even though I could perfectly do this on my own. Chloe wasn't talking much and after what I'd asked her in the morning, she seemed to have closed off about anything concerning her life and herself. I think what she said to Alex was the first thing I heard her saying after our talk this morning. How bad could things be?

"What does Dan say about this?", Jeremy asked me.

"That it makes sense", I answered. I couldn't completely understand it, but he seemed to be ok with this.

"Really helpful...", he muttered.

Shut up Jeremy, I heard Daniel and chuckled.

"He's saying to shut up, isn't he?", Alex smirked.

"Oh yeah...", I said.

"Not even the wolf likes you bro...", he told Jeremy.

"Uhm, what is going on? Who is Dan?", Chloe said, obviously confused by the whole conversation.

"My wolf", I said.

"He has a name?", she asked curious. At least she was talking to me again.

"A name, a voice, a personality...", I smiled at her.

"A voice?", she said surprised.

"Either that or we're all crazy and we're hearing voices", Alex said casually.

"You can actually hear a voice? What, inside your head? Doesn't that freak you out?", she said.

"No", the three of us said nonchalantly. It actually made sense, a werewolf's wolf, is a part of themselves. Without him or her, there's something missing.

"This is so weird... It's like another person...", she said.

"Well, more like another part of you...", I said.

"Are there more weird stuff I need to know?"

"Well, yeah..." I hadn't even started on the mind links and everything else that came with having a mate. I wasn't even sure if it would be the same with her since she's not a werewolf.


"We're here", Jeremy announced before I could answer.

Hopefully we'll get some answers.


Or they won't let us in.

Since we just showed up here, without informing anyone, the guards were skeptical about letting us into their territory. Well, we were kind of invited here, so...

We were losing our patience when a guy came along. "It's ok, I'll take it from here", he said to one of the guards. That guy ladies and gentlemen, was the same werewolf who was after Chloe. Or trying to help her, I'm still not clear on that.

I felt her tense besides me and reached for her hand, trying to calm her down. To my surprise, she didn't pull away.

"I see you didn't waste any time", he said with a smirk.

"You seem to have answers for everything, so...", I said.

"Not for everything, but your girl here is special", he said, "come with me", he gestured to follow him. 

We followed him into a big house, I'm guessing the Alpha's.

"Who are you exactly?", Jeremy asked.

"Jay, the beta", he said as he opened a door leading to an office, revealing another guy. That was the Alpha.

"That was fast", he said as he looked at us.

"I know right?", Jay said.

"It's great that you're having fun with this, can you tell us what the hell is going on now?", Chloe spoke up. We all turned to her surprised, since she hadn't said a word from the moment we got out of the car.

"We've been looking for you", Jay said, "before anyone else found you."

"When you say anyone else...?", she asked curious.

"Let's just say there are some packs who would like to use you to do bad things..."

"And you just happen to be nice and innocent?"

The Alpha chuckled. He seemed to be in his early thirties, just like Jay and also kind of intimidating, that comes with being an Alpha.

"No, but my father made a promise to keep you safe and since I'm the Alpha now..."

"A promise to whom?"

"Your parents", he said.

Chloe looked at him frozen. "M-My parents? Your father knew my parents?", she whispered shocked, "How?"

"They were friends, the only ones we knew of your kind."

"My kind?"

"Your abilities run in the family", he said.

She was trying to process everything and quite frankly, I didn't make much sense either. Her parents must be gone though, like her brother. Makes sense why she stayed quiet after I mentioned family.

"What about us being mates?", I asked.

"It's not common for a werewolf to have a non werewolf mate, but it's not unheard of. It's not like Chloe is human, it just means your wolf is stronger."

"So what, everything else stays the same?", Alex asked.

"They're supposed to, yeah", Jay said.

"Supposed to? What if he gets poisoned? Will there be a way around that?", Jeremy asked.

"Yes", the Alpha said.

"You've seen it before?"

"No, but you're overreacting, nothing bad will happen. We can check it out if you'd like..."

"No", Alex and Jeremy said firmly. I'm with them on this, I'd prefer not to die just because we wanted to check if everything's the same.

"I don't understand anything...", Chloe said from besides me, still trying to figure out what was going on.

"Wolfsbane is lethal for werewolves without mates and since you are not a werewolf, we don't know if--", I started explaining.

I felt something stinging my neck and then everything went black.


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