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I Can Feel It - Hey Violet

- E V I E -

I sat at the other end of the table, Calum eyes me down angrily.
"Take a picture, it'll last longer." I roll my eyes.

"What movie do you want to watch?" He grunted.
"I don't know."
"For fûck sake Evie just pick one."
"You know what, I'm going home."

I stand up and pick up my bag with me.
"Um no you're not." Calum gets up and blocks the front door.
"Yes, I am."

On the inside I was smirking, but on the outside I was pissed at how short tempered he was.

"Kiss me." He says while leaning in. I meet him half way and our lips connect.

His strong arms pick me up and move me to the couch, Calum hovers above me and tenderly kisses my neck.

"I'm so sick of fighting with you." He mumbles.
"So am I."

Calum is straddling me, making sure not to put too much weight on me. He pulls away and falls back so he's sitting (still on me).

"I love you." Is all he says.
"I love you too, even if you are short tempered."
"I know."

"We need to stop fighting though."
"You're changing me, ok, please just believe that. It's hard."
"Okay, I believe you."

He leans down and kisses me, before pulling my body back up.

"Calum, what're you-"

He puts my arms around his neck and swaps our positions, so I'm straddling him.

"Cal I don't want to be a cockblock but I'm tired."

Calum's perfect little eyes scrunch up, and he smiles and kisses my lips.

"God I love you."


"There's a party on at Luke's tonight, do you want to go?"

I place my feet in Calum's lap and look at him.

"Sure." I say.

"You're not wearing a short dress though."
"Don't be like that."
"What? Your boyfriend?"
"Stop it Calum, if I want to wear a dress I can."
"If you're gonna wear a short dress though you can forget about it."

I sigh and roll my eyes.
"Babe I'm saying this because you're hot as fûck and I don't want the losers from school looking at you."

I couldn't help but blush, then hiding my face in his shirt.


"You are not wearing that." Calum says to me.
"Yeah, no way." Ashton agrees.

"It's a skirt with a top!" I exclaim.
"I don't care, go change." Calum says.
"No Calum, this is showing a bit of leg and that's it. It's no better than what I wore the other day."
"No but's, you loved what I wore at the diner."

"If mum sees you in that she'd murder you."
"It's a skirt!"

Ashton goes back to his phone and Calum gets up, dragging me to my room.

"I'm gonna pick out something for you."
"No, you're not."
"Yes, I am."

He opens up my wardrobe and flicks through my clothes, he finds one of his shirts and throws it on the bed. Then he walks to my chest of drawers and throws some black jeans next to the shirt.

"It's winter, it's cold, you're wearing my shirt and jeans."

Calum takes a seat at my desk and crosses his arms impatiently.
"Get dressed."

I hate to admit it, but I love dominant Cal.

I unzip my skirt and pull it down, leaving me in a shirt and underwear.

Calum's stare burned into my legs, and I quickly pulled my jeans on.
I pull the top up over my head and place his on, It smells of his deodorant and cigarettes.

"That's better." Calum gets up and walks over to me, then cupping my cheeks and squishing them.

I lean forward and place my lips on his.
"Hate you." I say.
"Love you."


Kinda obsessed with I Can Feel It by Hey Violet :/

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