Switching Packs

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Aiden was at his pack meeting which he was supposed to be running yet he wasn’t paying attention. He kept replaying that awful dinner over and over again. 

Harmony sitting so close to that ass of an Alpha with his hands in her hair, she was his damn it! Yeah, he knew he rejected her, but he  changed his mind. He wanted her back and planned on getting her, second mate or not he really could care less. He would have been there right now, claiming her this very moment if it wasn’t for this pre scheduled meeting with their neighboring pack, over land of all things. Who cared about that when he had a mate to get back.

Having decided which portions of land to trade, he adjourned the meeting and started to leave. He was in a rush to get back to her before that idiot tried to mark what was his. Aiden was almost out free when he was stopped by Mr. Evans, Harmony’s dad,

“Hey Aiden. I’ve been meaning to ask you, how was Hawaii?” he asked.

Aiden really wasn’t in the mood for small talk so he tried to brush him off. “It was beautiful now I really have to g-”

“How was my daughter? Harmony that is. Was she alright, has she met her mate yet? You know girls, they don’t talk to their dads about stuff like that.” he interrupted him.

He really wanted to order Mr. Evans to leave him alone, but this was his future father in law so he had to keep it peaceful.

“She was fine and as far as I know she is still mate less, but who knows, maybe her mate is closer than she thinks and he’s just trying his hardest to get to her but keeps getting interrupted by irritating people.” 

Mr. Evans looked a little taken back. Aiden wondered, “Did I come on too strong?” Quickly covering his slip up he tried to appease him, “Sorry, it’s just that I’ve been away from Megan for too long and I want to get back to her.” Aiden lied.

Mr. Evans Nodded his head in understanding, even though he really didn’t understand anything, he patted Aiden on the back and said to please send his girls his and their mother’s love.

Finally free, Aiden rushed to his room to grab a duffel bag when a sharp pain hit his chest. At first he thought something happened to Megan, being that she held his mark, but soon after the pain turned sharper with a hint of passion mixed in. 

“NO!” he said aloud to the empty room.

She couldn’t be, she was his. Suddenly, it seemed as if a thousand knives were being jammed into his heart followed closely by an emptiness so deep he fell to his knees. Catching his breath as tears poured from his eyes, he allowed himself to calm down and searched for that sweet presence of Harmony that he kept in the back of his mind, only to find it was no longer there. Trying again to use their bond to sense her, he got nothing.

This could only mean one thing, their bond was gone. His body convulsed as an effect of the loss.

She mated with him. With that stupid Trevor guy. This wasn’t supposed to happen. She was supposed to come back home with him and be his mistress.

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