Bulletproof love chapter 1

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My name is Ellie, I'm 26 years old and I live in San Diego. I have really green eyes (which I personally hate, green eyes are so weird) and have quite short dark brown hair, I've always wanted really long hair but it just doesn't grow very quickly. My hair is curly because I plait it at night so when I wake up in the mornings it's curly, it just saves time and saves me from straightening it and killing it.

I'm quite short about 5ft 4. I have a few piercing, the usual ear piercings, my nose and my belly button. I used to have my lip pierced when I was younger but since I've gotten a little bit older, I've tried to look more responsible and more like an actual adult and also did I mention I have a 4 year old daughter called Megan, so yeah I've tried to become a better mum for her sake.

Megan is my life, she's so bubbly and hyper all the time, she keeps me going everyday. She has really dark brown nearly black hair, she usually has it in two little pigtails because it's still quite short. She has cute little dimples in her cheeks which show all the time, it makes her look even more adorable. She's obsessed with princesses, star wars and toy story.

Her dad isn't in the picture because he left before I had chance to tell him I was pregnant, so I was left to go through pregnancy and raising her all by myself, I never told him I was pregnant and I don't ever plan on telling him either. I had my mum to help me but she doesn't live in San Diego so she only came to visit me once every 2 weeks, but I was still thankful that I had her around.

Ellie's POV

"Mummy, can we go to the park today?" Megan asked cheerfully.

"Hun, it's raining outside if you look out of the window, maybe tomorrow okay?" I said, "how about we watch your favourite film instead, toy story?" I added. She instantly nodded her head vigorously with a massive smile on her face.

She ran and fetched the DVD from the DVD holder and handed it to me, as I turned television on and placed the DVD in, Megan ran upstairs to get a blanket for us to snuggle up to while watching the film together. She came back with her princess blanket in one hand and another for me in the other hand. She such a sweetheart, she doesn't have a nasty bone in her body.

As I looked at her I realised that it's scary how much she is like her father to be honest and she looks just like him all except the eye colour which she got from me.

"Mummy, press play!!" She whined, getting impatient and snapping me out of my trance.

As I pressed play, I quickly left her there happily staring at the television screen to go make some popcorn. I found a packet of microwaveable popcorn in the cupboard, it was sweet which was mine and Megan's favourite and I placed it in the microwave. After about 5 minutes the microwave, it beeped to tell me it was ready.

I returned to the lounge with a large bowl of sweet popcorn and sat next to Megan, she curled up to my side and went to grab a handful of popcorn. I put my arm around her so she could get more comfortable and we pretty much stayed like that through the whole film.

All through the film I could see her mouthing the words because she's seen it so many times before, it made me laugh. She looked up to me and asked,

"What's so funny mummy?" Not realising that I actually laughed out loud.

"I'm laughing at you mouthing the words to the film, you've seen it too many times!" I chuckled.

"It my favourite film!!" She said excitedly with a huge grin.

"I know that, you tell me all the time!" I smiled. As the film finished I saw that it was getting dark outside. "Okay missy, time for bed its getting dark outside!"

"But mumma I'm not tired," she pouted and giving me the puppy dog eyes, I always gave in to them but not today.

"Nu-uh, not today! You need your sleep if you want to go to the park tomorrow!" I told her. She smiled really widely and with that she ran upstairs, I smiled knowing that it would make her give up begging.

I made sure everything downstairs was all secure and locked up, I turned all the lights off and slowly walked up the stairs. I walked into Megan's room to say goodnight to her. Her bedroom walls are a pale purple colour with picture of Disney princess all over them. It's a typical girlie room and its quite small, theres a wooden wardrobe with stickers of Disney characters on it, in the corner of her room is where she keeps her toys, she calls it her 'fantasy corner' which I find adorable, and then there's her bed, her bed covers are of course princesses, that child is actually obsessed. I saw that she was in bed already in her pjs, cuddled up in her quilt.

"Night night baby, sweet dreams." I kissed her forehead which made her smile.

"Night mummy, I love you lots and lots." She replied. I walked to the door and replied, "I love you too princess." She loves it when I called her that and with that I turned her light off and closed her door. I walked down the hallways to the bathroom, did everything I needed to do in there then I went to my bedroom.

My room is bigger than Megan's, I have a king sized bed with dark blue patterned quilt covers, a big wardrobe next to it, a desk in the corner which I do my work at when I have the time, I have a full body mirror and lastly I have a personal bathroom connected to my bedroom. I walked over to my mirror and began to take my make up off.

I then got into my pjs and then hopped into bed, curled into my bed covers and fell asleep instantly.

This is my first fan-fiction so don't expect it to be great but I am trying. Sorry it's quite short.

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