2• Bro came through

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Devin's POV

Its 6 in the morning and I've been up the whole time trying to figure out what to get Kev other than an Xbox cause trust and believe I will fuck that one up to. As I was on my computer the best idea popped in my head and I knew Kevin would definitely forgive me after this

Kevin's POV

Thugger Thugger baby

Fuck all that let's get to it

What lil' shawty say?

She suck on that dick on the plane and I just called her airhead (Woo!)

I just went hunting, I found me a rabbit, I picked out the carrots

I'm just tired of smoking kush, I need some Moonrock out in Cali

I got a white bitch and she give me that Becky but her name is Sari

I turned off the alarm on my iPhone 6 and slowly got up not really wanting to. I slipped on my Gucci slides right when the aroma of eggs, bacon, pancakes, grits and biscuits hit me right in my face. I immediately got up and ran downstairs to see who was throwing down In the kitchen and to my surprise it was devin which only brought back the memories of the incident that took place yesterday

"Ummm bro since when did you learn how to cook" I asked with the slightest bit of attitude

"I been knew how to cook wym"devin said

"Nigga the last time you cooked breakfast you burnt our house down" I said

"Man that was a long time ago" devin said

"How is 5 days ago a long time"I questioned devin

"Just take ya damn plate Kev"devin said shoving a plate full of deliciousness in my face

"Aye Dev did you cum in my breakfast too" I said

"NO NIGGA DAMN"Devin shouted

I started dying cause I realized how irritated devin was getting. I didnt have any silverware so I got up and went to
go get some. As I walked towards the counter I saw two envelopes both labeled "from: devin to: kevin".

"Yeo dev what's in the envelopes" I said while turning to look at Dev

"I don't know. Open them and see" Devin said with a smirk

Now that I think about it he probably came in the envelopes too.

I slowly picked up the envelopes and noticed they weren't leaking so he couldn't have came in them.Just to make sure I shook them one good time.

"NIGGA I DIDNT CUM IN THE DAMN ENVELOPES!"Devin shouted like he was reading my mind

"Whatever you say booboo whatever you say" I say in my ghetto girl voice adding some neckroles

I turned my attention back to the envelopes and started to tear one open and when i saw that I had two VIP passes to see my future wife nicki I almost passed out. I hurried up and ripped the other envelope opened and saw two front row tickets see my nigga drake. I was mad hyped not because I get see drake but because I get see nicki twer- I mean I get to see how nicki's personality is😉

As i was thinking Devin started to apologies but I wasn't even listening cause I was just thinking about how I get to see that fat juicy as- I mean I get to see her long hair move on stage😉

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